woensdag 18 december 2013

Adventure and exercising time

On a Friday night I went on google maps to check if there was any park close to where I currently live. I wanted to go running and exercising in the weekend. So I hoped that there were some parks nearby, because I don't really like running through the city or streets.

Lucky me there are a lot of parks around so I've got a lot to choose from. On Saturday morning I got ready, made some good breakfast and relaxed a bit in front of my window.

Gives me some time to think about stuff. I drank some ginger, revitalizing tea that helps your immune system. 

I jogged towards where google maps showed me to go. I have a pretty good sense of direction, so getting lost will not frequently happen to me, haha. When I saw the entrance of the park it looked quite impressive, but it got even more impressive while I was jogging through it.

I was stunned. This was so nice I had to stop and take some pictures. It must be so relaxing to come here and enjoy the sound of the water falling down. Also now that it is fall, the colors make is so vivid and beautiful.

I felt like a kid again walking through these rocks and avoid falling into the water. Too much incentives for me O_O. When to much awesome stuff or things are going around, I get hyper. For now it was good though, because I was exercising, lol.

Continuing, I noticed that the park was big. There was so much to see. A lot of people take strolls, walk their dog, jog and enjoy the nature there. 

If you look closely these silver balls look like a planet arrangement. Thought it was cool!

On Sunday I took some more pictures of course, hehe. 

I love these colors. 

I was totally in my element. I couldn't help myself and I really didn't mind if somebody noticed me. I went down the hills like this:

I'm going to check out the other parks also. It is so beautiful where I live right now. I really like this city. 

And I really hope you liked this post and the pictures I made for you guys! Someday soon I will reveal my getting fit and healthy journey, because I came a long way now. 

Have a sweet and loving day ^__^! See you soon and more posts are to come!

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