zondag 29 december 2013

I'm in Japan!

The title says enough...


One of my dreams has come true and there is no other than my love to celebrate it with. I'm visiting his parents and staying in Japan for two weeks. It is amazing here. The food, people, streets, cities, trains, vending machines.. everything! And today is my birthday by the way. Yes, yes birthday in Japan woopie!

And do not forget the shopping areas! I have been shopping my butt off. It has been a long time since I've done that. A lot more detailed blogposts about Tokyo - Japan, shopping hauls, reviews and more will be coming up soon!

I just wanted to say that I am having the time of my life, hehehe :). I'm so thankful.

Well, see you soon. Have wonderful day~

woensdag 18 december 2013

SKINFOOD - Rice Mask review


Welcome to another review out of my collection of little gifts! This time I will be reviewing the Rice Mask Wash Off from Skin Food. Skin Food is a Korean brand which is pretty popular.

As their website states: "Delicious Cosmetics Made of Delicious Foods."

So what is Skin Food about?
Their brand story tells that Skin Food delivers complete nutrition to the skin by carefully selecting foods that will enhance the skin's natural beauty, while also maintaining its youthfulness for years to come. [Read more here]

The list goes on and on about what kind of foods they use. It made me really curious about this Rice Mask. A mask made out of rice..

Rice Mask Wash off
This mask will moisturize the skin and brighten the skin tone due to its rice extract. The texture of ground rice will leave your skin soft and glowing. 

How to use the mask
After washing your face, you can apply a desired amount of product onto dry skin. Avoid the eye and mouth areas. After 10 or 15 minutes rinse the mask off with warm water.

A picture of how the mask looks like. 

The pieces of rice make the mask feel like a scrub. So I wasn't sure at first if it was a mask or not, but I just left it on and followed the instructions. 

It feels really good on the skin and it doesn't irritate at all. After washing the mask off my skin felt soft and looked glowing indeed!

My mother thought me that rice water is very good for your skin. I already had a feeling this mask would be nice!

  • Makes my skin soft and smooth
  • I like how it almost feels like a scrub for the face, but you can leave it on
  • Does what it says
  • Feels natural
  • Packaging is a bit boring

I will for sure purchase this product in the future. It already does great things for my skin and I only used it two times. So I think if I use it frequently my skin will improve rapidly!

Do you have any SKINFOOD products you can recommend? Let me now in the comment section!

Thank you for reading :)!

Adventure and exercising time

On a Friday night I went on google maps to check if there was any park close to where I currently live. I wanted to go running and exercising in the weekend. So I hoped that there were some parks nearby, because I don't really like running through the city or streets.

Lucky me there are a lot of parks around so I've got a lot to choose from. On Saturday morning I got ready, made some good breakfast and relaxed a bit in front of my window.

Gives me some time to think about stuff. I drank some ginger, revitalizing tea that helps your immune system. 

I jogged towards where google maps showed me to go. I have a pretty good sense of direction, so getting lost will not frequently happen to me, haha. When I saw the entrance of the park it looked quite impressive, but it got even more impressive while I was jogging through it.

I was stunned. This was so nice I had to stop and take some pictures. It must be so relaxing to come here and enjoy the sound of the water falling down. Also now that it is fall, the colors make is so vivid and beautiful.

I felt like a kid again walking through these rocks and avoid falling into the water. Too much incentives for me O_O. When to much awesome stuff or things are going around, I get hyper. For now it was good though, because I was exercising, lol.

Continuing, I noticed that the park was big. There was so much to see. A lot of people take strolls, walk their dog, jog and enjoy the nature there. 

If you look closely these silver balls look like a planet arrangement. Thought it was cool!

On Sunday I took some more pictures of course, hehe. 

I love these colors. 

I was totally in my element. I couldn't help myself and I really didn't mind if somebody noticed me. I went down the hills like this:

I'm going to check out the other parks also. It is so beautiful where I live right now. I really like this city. 

And I really hope you liked this post and the pictures I made for you guys! Someday soon I will reveal my getting fit and healthy journey, because I came a long way now. 

Have a sweet and loving day ^__^! See you soon and more posts are to come!

maandag 16 december 2013

Gekkeikan Kirei Momoshu

Sweet, cute and lovely. Those were the words that came into my mind as soon as I saw this bottle. I saw it in an Asian supermarket, together with other different kinds of alcohol containing drinks. To me it really didn't matter what the bottle contained... I just wanted it! (☉ε ⊙ノ)ノ

Gekkeikan Kirei Momo-shu 

That is how this peach liqueur is called. Yes, it contains alcohol! It also contains hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acids helps with body reparation, hydration and regenerative processes. This sure is a drink for the young females out there. It is brewed with pure fushimizu water to give it a smooth texture.

The liqueur is light-colored and sparkly. It has a sweet scent to it, which made me more curious how it would taste. Now, I'm not a big fan of alcohol though. I don't like the taste of alcohol in drinks at all.

But this..... is so jummy and tasty! o(^▽^)o One of my favorite fruits is peach, so that's a plus for me!

The content of the liqueur is displayed on the back of the bottle. On the picture beneath you can see that they put a sticker with Dutch translation on top of the original text. So let me translate it for you:

One of the ingredients, as stated earlier, is hyaluronic acid. Our body contains this substance naturally. It is mostly found in your joints and eye fluid. Nowadays  it is promoted as a substance that prevents aging, but don't be fooled! Until now there is no such proof for that. However it does help people with joint problems and other tissue problems. It is also used for fillers in plastic surgery. For example filling up your lips.

The bottle

I know there are girls out there reading this post and they are totally adoring the bottle right now! It is cute, right :)?


I think Japan does a great job designing packages and making their products look super attractive for the consumers. With nice fonts, colors and shapes. Just...awesome.

Because I liked the bottle so much I took some random pictures with other pink objects, lol.

Yeah, she looks a bit destroyed. She is my key chain haha.

Did I made you curious about this liqueur? I hope I did ^_^. Maybe you have some other suggestions which even taste better! Comment down below, I be happy to read :). Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope to see you on here soon again. I will be having some super interesting blog entries coming up! Especially if you are into Japan. So don't miss out.

Have a great day!

dinsdag 10 december 2013

Vanedo Beauty Friends - Coenzyme Q10 mask Review

Vanedo Beauty Friends Review By Kasumikriss

This is going to be a short review on the Coenzyme Q10 Essence mask. I got a few beauty products (testers) from Korean brands. It was a little present from a friend of mine who I unfortunately don't see that often. I wanted to share my thoughts on this skincare mask!

The masks come in cotton/paper sheets drenched in a natural kind of gel substance. This gel-like substance contains a lot of nutrients and ingredients which are very beneficial for your skin. Damaged skin will recover faster and it protects against free radicals.

This is the package! It looks very neat. You can see a microscope on the front with some molecules maybe, haha.

There is only one sheet per package. Using the mask is very easy, because it is a sheet you need to apply to your face. Just open up the package and carefully pull out the sheet, unfold it and place it on your face.

Make sure your face is completely clean before you apply the mask. The nutrients and ingredients will be more likely absorbed deeper into your skin. After 20 minutes of leaving the mask on your face your skin will be smooth and radiant. Almost as smooth as a baby's butt. Results can be seen immediately!

Here I have the mask on. 

It also claims that your makeup will stay on longer throughout the day after using the mask. I didn't try this out though, so I don't know if it is true or not.

I padded it on and massaged the product with my hands upon the mask into my skin. It is really moist and it won't get hard after wearing it for 20 minutes. Because of that removing the mask is easy too.

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't leave a mess after using
  • Makes the skin soft and smooth
  • Feels really good on skin
  • Left over gel substance in the package can be rubbed extra into the skin, like neck
  • Affordable!
  • The mask is a bit to big for my face
Yes, I am really happy about this one. I think I am going to buy some this Christmas vacation :). Have you ever tried this series of masks? What is your experience with it? I would like to know!

Thank you so much for reading and see you soon again! Have a awesome day!