vrijdag 8 november 2013

Some random updates!

Well, hello there my sweet readers. I was thinking about updating you guys about what is going on through my mind and what I have been up to lately. Because it is a lot! Not that I am going to give you a lot, but rather I want to share some things that might be interesting for you. And yeah, also just some stuff I want to type down, lol.

So currently I am studying Bio-informatics. Far away from everybody I know, far away from everything that is known to me. This was a big decision, but it was one the best ones I've made so far. 

For some it might sound really logical or even like common sense, but I really wanted to do something with school what I would love, something that would be so interesting to me.. that, with every step I would take.. I would really learn something new. Not just learn something temporary to pass a test. No, not like that.

Most of the time I start something and when I get really far I don't take it to the next level. I never really accomplished something. I say this like this, because I have quite high standards. To other people it might seem I have done so much already. I have got to places were other people want to go to. But I kind of got there without giving it my all. Giving it my heart. 

Now I want to change that and give it my all, my heart. Not only with my education. With life too. Thanks to all that happened in the summer vacation my eyes are more open and I am full of new experiences. Experiences that I treasure and take with me.

I take everything one step at a time. Make small goals for myself to achieve the big ones. Without creating the habits needed for what you really want, it is not going to happen. Now I have found myself in a brighter and better light than before. Also my environment (the people around me, places I go to etc) have become much better.

Now that I got this stronger and cleaner base for myself I can do anything :).

Future plans 
I got so much on my mind that I want to do. Like really so much and there is also so much good stuff happening. 

As I told you in some other blog entry of mine I want to air a new youtube channel. I want to make a new start with it. I need to obtain nice video editing skills, the wright equipment, interesting contents, start uploading video's regularly etc. etc.. I am making plans for it so far. It is going to be like a job for me, haha. It will air for sure next year around February. Maybe even earlier.

As for Facebook I want to make a page for Kasumikriss, theehee. Because now I always make people aware of new blog entries on my own facebook profile and twitter account. I want a Facebook page were I can show my cosplay, video's, blog entries and stuff. I think it is a good way to keep everybody who reads my blog up to date.

Next to this online entertainment I am becoming one with my guitar again. Besides becoming one with my guitar again I want to learn to play the drums. I am also practicing once a week with a sweet girl who has the voice of an angel. I am not going to reveal anything more about it. It will be a pleasant surprise :).

Yeah.. so now my head has become empty a bit, haha. I am tired of traveling today. So I am making an end to this entry now. 

Do you think this Facebook and youtube thing will be nice? I hope it makes you curious HEHE!

Now here a super nice long track of different kind of ambient songs:

Enjoy your day/night <3 thanks for reading :).

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  1. Aw! Congratulations on finding your major! :) I know choosing what you want to do is probably the hardest decision to make in life! I had a hard time to choose doing Cosmetology too! At first I majored in Business Marketing/Management and Business Administration with a second in Accounting but in the end I ended up choosing Cosmetology and working in this field now! It's never too late to change your mind as long as you are happy with what you are doing! :) Hope to see your videos soon too! :) Keep it up! ;)


    1. Thank you :). Ah that is amazing. I did a business study too first, but it was nothing for me. I am happy for you and your words inspire me. I want to have it to, doing something you really love doing. Thank you very much!!!!!