maandag 4 november 2013

ONE OK ROCK - Melkweg Amsterdam

It has been ages since I last went to a concert. I think the last one was Miyavi's concert in Utrecht. But last Tuesday, 29th of October I went to a concert again! One of my favorite bands performed in the Melkweg, Amsterdam. 


This awesome band killed it that night and has left me with such a great memory. The Japanese band has the most catchy songs and lyrics. It is kind of a mixture between pop, rock, emo and metal. I appreciate the metal part so much, aaaaaah. 

The lyrics are Japanese as well in English. The lead singer Taka has such a nice voice and his pronunciation is perfect! I think this might be one of the factors that make them so great.

 Also having an amazing bassist Ryota, 

drummer Tomoya 

and guitarist Toru make the band so much more great even. They certainly have the potential to make it big internationally. 

They played so well and clean. The energy and joy they bring to the stage is so powerful I couldn't stop smiling the entire concert. I sang along with all the songs, jumped as high as I could.. I definitely was really present there with my soul, mind and body <3, haha. 

They are for sure coming back to The Netherlands to perform again. I can't wait. This was their first time in The Netherlands and they loved it (that's what they said :D).

Here are some shot's a friend of mine took during the concert.

I never take pictures during a concert. It is way distracting lol. But this time I really wanted a picture to look back to. Now, I was quite a scaredy pants and didn't really had the guts to take a picture. For there were some security guys telling people not to film and take pictures. I got all my courage together and lifted up my cellphone in the hope I would make a nice sharp picture. Then this happened:

Precisely, this security guy tracks me down taking a picture and stares into my camera... You're good man, you're good. WHAAA~. Maybe I'm not even seeing it correctly, but it darn does look like it lol. 

Nevertheless COME BACK ONE OK ROCK :). Thank you for the wonderful evening! I enjoyed it so much.

Concert hall Melkweg

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