woensdag 6 november 2013

Kreeftenbar - Lobsterbar

I stumbled upon some pictures I made in this restaurant called "Kreeftenbar". It was Choi's idea to go there, for she had heard that it was a good restaurant. It made me curious, because Kreeftenbar translated to English is Lobsterbar. Only by hearing the name I thought it would be expensive. Instead, eating dinner there was actually affordable. For around 25 euro's per person you could get a delicious meal.

Here is there website: http://www.kreeftenbar.nl/

They are located in Eindhoven. The magical interesting city (Not! The only thing magical about Eindhoven is my boyfriend, lol.) I talked about in other posts.

So what did we eat?

This is a Lobsterroll. One of the most delicious roll's I have tasted ever! It was about 20 euro's for one roll, but so worth it. 

Yes, at the lobsterbar I ate salmon..Don't judge me Ò_Ó! hehe. Looks good, doesn't it?

I did not enjoy the bami so much. For the most par I left it. So, did Choi. 

If you can see in the picture she ate a actual lobster in the lobsterbar. I don't have a picture of her meal, too bad. It looked really good! It was fun to see her try to break open the lobster. I think it was her first time, haha.

Overall the restaurant looks really nice and I think the cooks have a lot of experience judging them from where I was seated. The have an open kitchen. Next to that their staff was really nice.

Getting hungry now. I want to eat sushi again. It has been a while. Did the pictures made you hungry? :D

This was my short entry for today. Stay tuned for there are more to come! Thank you for reading :).

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  1. You're making me hungry just by looking at these eye candy! :) I really love how pretty the lobster rolls were!!! *.* Such good looking food! Hope to see more of this!! :)


    1. Haha sorry to make you hungry! They were super good :) thank you for your comment

  2. OMG I've been dying to eat lobster ever since..July! Definitely gonna try it out, thanks!