donderdag 14 november 2013

Kimchi Nabe

こんにちはみなさん!!A week ago I ate a simple yet delicious dinner. It was cheap and healthy, all at the same time. It is called Kimchi Nabe. This was the first time I ate it and I have to say it is really good! My boyfriend came up with the idea to make this. We made plans to pick a random recipe from the internet and cook it together. So we did :).

Kimchi Nabe is actually a kind of hot pot soupy dish. Mostly people have a portable gas hob in the middle of the table with the hot pot on it. There are a bunch of ingredients in the pot, from meat to vegetables. The pot gets refilled with ingredients until everybody ate enough. It is great for parties and gatherings I think.

We went to the Oriental supermarket to get the necessary ingredients. This was the result:

Chinese cabbage.

I think these are Enoki mushrooms.

As for on the side we wanted some rice too. I love this Japanese rice.

 Some been sprouts.

Pork meat.

Leek. I was dancing around and singing like Hatsune Miku, but my boyfriend didn´t get it lol.



A kind of Kimchi paste. This is so jummy!

We sliced up some ingredients and added what was needed before we put it on the stove.



I was really amazed by the taste. It was spicy tho, because of the kimchi. I am not so comfortable with spicy food haha. My mom never cooked spicy foods when I was younger.

How do you think it looks? Have you ever ate this? Maybe you ate a different kind of Nabe, because there are more O_O! <3. 

ありがと for reading my post today! More are to come. Have a great day :).

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