zaterdag 16 november 2013

Jummy strawberry pie

Last week my boyfriend and me made this Kimchi Nabe. It was a success, so we decided to make dessert type of food! We made pie O(≧∇≦)O! The self-made pie consists out of pastry and a strawberry filling.

This is the first time we ever made pie. I made pie before, but it was from those boxes you can get at the supermarket with some of the ingredients needed already in it. The box explains you how to make the pie step by step. Way more easy than this I think. This pie needed a more processional approach, lol.

 Me flattening the pastry.

So we had a bit of a hard time making the pastry, as for both we never made it. But it didn't took long before we discovered what we needed to add.

The final result before the pie went into the oven. The strawberry filling consisted out 250 gram of real strawberries! I think maybe more ( ・◇・). We also added sugars, flower, cinnamon and stuff. 

After almost 50 minutes the pie was ready. The filling was not so pink anymore, but my, oh my!!! The smell filled the room quick. It was a sweet smell. Delicious!

The pie doesn't look very pretty. but the taste made up for it. After we become familiar with making pies we can focus more on the presentation, haha.

I'm not showing the ingredient list or how to make it, because it was just a try-out pie. Just enjoy the pictures and don't get to hungry, hehehehehe.

Do you know a nice recipe for a pie? I am thinking of cherry or peach pie. Sounds delicious too.

Thanks for reading my blog! Come back here anytime ^_^!

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