vrijdag 15 november 2013

3W CLINIC - Olive Hand Cream

This is going to be a review about the Olive Hand Cream from 3W Clinic. The hand cream comes from Korea. I got it as a present for my birthday and haven't used it yet. My birthday is in December so that is almost a year now! Next to the Olive Hand Cream they also have hand creams with collagen, lemon, aloe vera etc..

The packaging states that this is a well-being soft moisturizing hand cream with subtle and rich long-lasting scent. So it is a moisturizing hand cream that softens the rough skin and it must be smelling nice too! Let's find out.

The picture from the olives on the front of the packaging gives the feeling that it is a natural product. There is not to much detail on it. Just simple and neat. Although there is a lot of text on the front. I think they wanted to show the English description by the first glance, haha.

The back of the box and tube packaging consist out of the Korean description of the product, as well for the English one.

I didn't make a picture of it, but the opening of the tube has a small hole. It makes it easy to push out the right amount of cream. The scent is very nice, but not strong at all and it doesn't last for long. The scent is creamy with a little olive pinch in it. 

The texture is very soft. Putting it on my hand I could see the oils from the olives surrounding the white cream. I thought maybe it would be too greasy and sticky! But as the packaging states, it isn't sticky at all! I was surprised.


Aaaaaahh~ It's really good. My skin feels so soft after applying. Really, really soft and smooth. I will definitely use it all.

So the soothing olives and other extracts in this product definitely make the skin more soft and smooth. It moisturizes deep into my skin and my hands stay like that for a long time. Whuaaa, my hands feel so soft :). 

Of course my experience with the product might not apply to you!

I advise you to wash your hands first and then apply the cream so it absorbs well.

  • Packaging is very classy and simple
  • The tube contains a good amount of product for you to use a long time
  • You only need to use a little bit for both hands
  • It makes your hands super soft
  • It moisturizes deep
  • Fresh scent
  • It is cheap! Go check it out.
  • A bit too much text on the packaging

Yeah, I am really content about this product! 

I noticed this on the side of the packaging.


Thanks for checking out my post ^_^. Have a super duper nice day!

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