woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Function from SKIN79 - Review

Hello there! Today I am doing a review on a BB cream from Skin79.

First some detail about Skin79..
Skin79 is a Korean brand of cosmetics and skincare products. In east Asia it is a well known brand. Now it is making its way to become globally recognized. They use advanced technology and natural products.

This will be the product that I will be reviewing: "Super Beblesh Balm BB Triple Function"

Some detail about the Super + Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions..
Also known as the Hot Pink BB Cream, because it is packaged in a hot pink colored container. It is a beblesh balm with three functions in one. It has an effectiveness in whitening the skintone, improving the brightness and elasticity of the skin and it protects you from harmful sunrays (such as UV A and B). Furthermore it helps moisturizing and soothing the skin. Not only does it function as a skincare product, it also contains a covering function. It can be used as a base for your make-up, as foundation.

Already I think the package is really awesome and adorable. I like pink, so girly.

This is Skin79's best selling product. It is very popular among the woman in the east Asian countries because of its way that it corrects the skin tone from imperfections, while it also works as a tinted moisturizer. Although people describe it as a tinted moisturizer, it can be seen more as a lighter type of foundation which covers up more than a tinted moisturizer.

Lol, you can see my mobile phone in the reflection of the package. 

This product is very suitable for people with a fair to medium skin color. It oxidizes on your skin to match your skin color even more. Don't forget that this is a product targeted on the woman in Asia. This might mean it does not work for some other ethnics. For example really dark skin toned woman.  

This is how the actual container looks like. Still pretty hot pink!

It has a pumping system. So you put you finger on the top of the container and gently push out the amount of BB cream you want to use.

This is already way to much for my face! You only need a little bit, but for a bit more coverage.. go ahead :).

The substance feels very light indeed. I think the color of the tint is a bit to light for my skin. Let's try!

This is me without make-up, photoshop, layers etc. etc.. My skin has been improving over the months. This summer I had the worst acne I have ever had in my life. I am on Roaccutane right now and it is getting so much better! I will be making a post about my experience with Roaccutane after I am completely done with the medicine ^^.


On my cheeks I have some discoloration from my acne scaring. I heard those will fade away quicker when I am off Roaccutane. But for now.. Let the BB cream do the trick!

I washed my face thoroughly and applied my day creme. On to the next step: applying the BB cream. 

Already I could tell the tint wouldn't really suit my skin tone, but because of its oxidizing effect I was curious for the end result. I dotted the BB cream over my face (like a pro(⊙ヮ⊙)..jkjk). 

Then I kind of massaged it over my face as what I would do with my day or night creme. It didn't felt to sticky or thick.

My skin is way to light right now. Still it covers quite nicely.

I have filled in my eyebrows and put on a little bit of mascara to make it look more decent. (My lips are chapped due to Roaccutane btw. It dries you out X_X)

It feels good on the skin and not clogging at all. This version is for normal to oily skin, so it does its job.

Furthermore it brightens up the skin for sure, but it doesn't cover up every blemish! So this is not the choice if you want a full coverage. Also I don't think it works for pictures taken with flash. Your skin will be super white compared to the rest of your neckline. 

Little experiment..
Next to just applying the BB cream on my face I did a little experiment. I put a bit of the cream on a piece of paper and kept track of it for a certain amount of hours.

This one is taken at 11 p.m. 

Can somebody explain to me what that circle around the BB cream is? Is that oil or moist? What is is?

  • Awesome packaging, girly and pretty
  • Brightens up the skin
  • Covers up a good amount of blemishes
  • Feels light on the skin
  • Too light for my skin
  • Irritates my skin a bit at the end of the day (itching)
  • Makes my skin a bit pinkish/grayish 
(These Pro's and Con's are based on my experience with it. It might not apply to you!)

My overall thoughts about this product are positive, not in love with it though. I won't use it as often too. Maybe if I want to have a little bit of a glow and slight coverage I will apply a little amount. 

What are your experiences of this product? Did you ever use it or are you going to?

I hope you liked this review. I will continue making more, so keep checking my blog for new ones ^__^!


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  1. The circle around the bbcream would have to be the oil that it seeps out after hours so you can tell what it would be like on your face. I would recommend having oil sheets or papers to pat over your face if it gets really super oily! My sister really loves this bb cream but I have yet to try it. Great job on the review ^_^

    1. Alright! I didn't knew that, I will keep that in mind. Yes, you should try it! Thank you for your comment :).

  2. I have heard so much about this BB Cream and I have a lot of Asian BB creams but until now I haven't tried this particular one out. You look super good using the BB cream. :))


    1. Maybe you should try it out, could be perfect one for you^^! Thank you very much :)

  3. Hey hey, you could try MISSHA BB creams since they have a wider range of skin tones. I personally use one of Skin Food and works just fine for me!

    1. Yes I heard they have indeed :). Thank you for suggesting, I think I am definitely going to try. I got some testers from skin food, they are awesome!! ( BTW jij hebt met mij bij sumo gewerkt XD maar ik was kort erna gestopt, als ik het goed heb )

    2. Haha, yeah I really love Skin Food, but Tony Moly carries some great products as well! And yeah! I worked there for like a month but I think we've only worked together once or twice?

    3. I donýt know Tony Moly, gonna check it! Haha oki, yes I think so too but I remembered your pretty face XD