dinsdag 1 oktober 2013


In my previous post I talked about Blogilates. This post will be about it again. 

Every month there appears a new calender on the website. And it not just a calender, but it is a workout-calender! That sounds pretty interesting to me. I have seen it before and I got curious about it. 

It is a calender with days you do workouts and days you take rest. Everyday is different, as you workout you upper body one day and workout your legs the other etc etc.. 

But why is this any different than another workout calender?
I will tell you why..

Everyday you have a list of workouts. You can find the workouts on youtube on Cassey's channel by searching for the name of the workout for instance. Or you can make it easier for yourself and click on the daily playlists on her website, as you can see down here:

Not only does the calender show what workouts you need to do, it also shows some foods or drinks you should try to make that day! For example on a rest day it can say: Make a clean & lean Quesadilla. --A what?!-- Just as you read it. Cassey makes the most awesome and good tasting recipes. Not only do they taste good, but they are super healthy too. How good is that?!

This is a quesadilla made by her and the recipe with it:

You are going to love it ^^.

She will also ask you to upload a picture from the food that is made to the internet and hashtag (#) it with #blogilates. Then you can also see how many people do it too! You are not alone in the way to making yourself the best you can be :).

Am I going to follow the calender this month?
Hell yeah, I'm going to do it! Today I start with the first day of the October calender which has its main focus on the core of your body. What explains the name Abtoberfest! I see what you did there, Cassey.

The first day starts off with abs and cardio workouts. Also it indicates that it is World Vegetarian Day, so that means no meat today~

Now I am not going to reveal the whole calender to you. The way to see the calender is to go to her website: http://www.blogilates.com/ BAM! 

Join her free newsletter there:

Then you will get a password send to you in her newsletter and you can use that password to get the workout-calender! Horaaaaay  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/! 

I will show you my results in the end of the month. I will give you my thoughts about it and some before and after pictures. 

I can't wait to start! Are you doing it too? Or have you already followed a whole calender through? I would love to hear about it.

Have a great day and I hope to see you soon here again! THANK YOU ^__^!

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