woensdag 25 september 2013

Quick Blogilates workouts

(I wrote this yesterday ^_^)

Right now I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, typing this blog entry, enjoying my after-workout-snack and listening to Worakls - Bleu. What a nice ending of my day, I can say.

(Did not ate the crackers anymore. Eye wants more than the tummy, haha. I made a bowl with quark, strawberries, blueberries and random kinds of nuts.)

I lit up some candles which have a fresh scent to them ^_^. My boyfriend also has some chill blue light in his room. That made the atmosphere even more relaxed.

After a nice day in the library and nice workout I think I deserved it, hehehe. I spend almost the whole day in the library studying and got back home late. Still I wanted to workout, so no excuses and I just did. The past months I have been slacking big time with exercising, but lately I am getting back on track. And you know what, it feels awesome!

Unfortunately I couldn't go for a run outside, because it was getting dark (yeah, I'm a scardiepants.). There is also no gym nearby that I can go to. At the moment I am not living in my home town. That's why I don't go to the gym as often as I did. Eventually I will go again^_^. But yeah, I needed to come up with something else. 

Now this was my answer :). For whom doesn't know who or what Blogilates is I highly recommend you to go and check this:
And if you already knew about it, HIGH FIVE *Borats voice*!

Her channel has the most awesome workouts. I have been doing her exercises for quite a long time. Maybe almost a year now. But it doesn't get boring at all! The workouts are diverse and fun. Also you can tone down the exercises to your own preference or pump it up a notch. It is for everybody. From beginners until advanced.

So, what kind of workouts did I do today? 

Here are the workouts that I have done today:

Number One
Let's warm up!

Number Two
Hello thinner legs.

Number Three
Squat it out to a fun song.

Number Four
Waist slimming workout. Get ready to rollll~

Number Five
Bye, bye lovehandles!

Number Six

Including stretching after the workouts I was busy for almost one hour. Not much, but the title already says it :D.  Uhu, don't forget to stretch after a workout! It is good for you :3.

I remember the first time I tried some of her vid's. I died................ I thought I was kind of strong and fit and stuff. But this girl, pffffffffffffffffffeewww!!!! She talks (without even breathingX_X) about cupcackes and rainbows while killing it hard in her exercises! Tremendous respect for her.

I think I will be posting the workouts I have done with Blogilates more often. I hope I get you started now too, haha! And if you already workout with her, did you see any results yet? I did ^__^! 

Thanks for reading this entry and I hope to see you soon again on my page.

Hasta la vista bebehhh~

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