vrijdag 13 september 2013

Loving life with some Japanese sweets

So you guys know I like having a relaxing and good time. Here is a blog entry about it again! And Eindhoven again. A place down in the south of Holland. I come here more often now.. THEE-HEE :). (This adventure took place in the summer vacation)

It is a nice city, but I would not put in into my list of favorite cities.

Ordered some green tea in a pretty awesome café (see next picture why). Healthy way to drink your tea is not to put any sugar or crap in it Ò_Ó!! 

I never drink soda's. I only drink water, tea and sometimes orange juice or milk. Not so much of the last two.

We could play nintendo O_o! How awesome is that?! Mario kart <3. I grew up with that game.

The quality of the picture is quite bad, because it was dark inside. The sandwich was delicious though. Salmon sandwich with cucumbers, tomato's and some other green healthy stuff.


More pictures of green stuff, haha. I chilled here and enjoyed the sun after a long day in the city center. 

*Awkwardly posing shoes in grass* 

Do you know this? Ever eaten it? YOU SHOULD! It is delicious and they come in all kinds of different flavors. This one is green tea paste. I remember the first time I tried mochi and I was like: "whuaa, whaa, whuuu what is this?". It is so soft en icky, jelly-like in your mouth. If you can get used to that, you will definitely enjoy it!

Another Japanese sweetness. Haha you thought I was only talking about food, did you?

Ichigo. Japanese for strawberry. Which I like a lot!

Cookies filled with strawberry filling and more mochi. This mochi is strawberry flavored. 

Without unpacking them I could smell how sweet it was!

I could also taste like almost real kind of strawberry pieces inside of them. 

*OMNOMNOM* gooooooooooooooood~

We bought the sweets at a Asian supermarket. They have lots of stuff you can't find in regular European supermarkets. I will tell you that you should definitely try them! 

Other blogposts coming soon! And oh yea, I will be blogging for my school soon too! When I get started I will make a blogposts about it so you can check it out too. The blog will be completely written in Dutch though. So for my non-dutch readers, imma verry verry saaarrryy~XD. It is possible to translate haha.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! Good night!

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