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De Veluwe - A National park in The Netherlands and foooods

There is a park here in Holland called "De Veluwe". During the summer vacation I visited the park for the first time in my life. Yes, I live in Holland but I never went there before. Hehe.

Together with Tatsuya, we went there to celebrate his birthday. We both have a kind of adventures spirit. So it seemed like the perfect place to go. We spend three days in Arnhem. The second day we headed out to discover the "De Veluwe".

If you want to check out what this park is all about, click HERE!

And if there is one thing that I should tell you about the park: "IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!". Definitely one of the nicest and most beautiful parks I have ever seen here in The Netherlands. Nature wise it is a quite boring country. Because it is a densely populated nation, there is barely any wildlife. Most of the wildlife is to be found in "De Veluwe".

Unlucky  us, we didn't encounter any wildlife at all! We arrived there before noon if I remember right. I think the best chances to see wildlife are in the early morning or late at night probably. 

We traveled through the park on bikes. You can lend a free bike at the entrance. We cycled through the forest and then we came up to this area. My jaws just fell open... I couldn't believe this was Holland. Amazing.

We bought a map at the entrance and followed it all the way through. Tatsuya even used a compass on his phone to check where we were precisely, haha. Came out quite in handy!  

After almost cycling for an hour we entered a big café/dining place and we drank some coffee to warm ourselves up. We also ate some muesli bars for some quick energy. Not knowing how long the way was that we still had ahead of us!

Here we sat on a bench almost 6ft(2 meters) high I think. What a view. A lot of other bicyclers past through and we said "Hi!" to a lot of them. We said "Hi!" to actually almost everybody who we encountered, lol. Some said "Hi!" first, others replied super friendly back to us, others were startled by usO_O and some just totally didn't acknowledge us XD.     

This area was the most awesome one! It looked like a savanna. Only the elephants, lions and zebra's were missing. 

On all of the pictures the weather looks nice, right? It wasn't like that the whole time though. We had lost of rain. But for the most part the weather was good. いいてんきでした!

When we came back to the entrance to place the bikes back we noticed that we had cycled for around 5 hours! 5 HOURS! That's a lot of hours, hehehe. Good workout I would say :). I definitely want to go back, because though we have been there for over 5 hours, we haven't seen everything yet.

*Taking a selfie in the mirror*

The first day we ate at a Tapas Restaurant called "La Cubanita". I never ate tapas before. I am rather the virgin in a lot of things, lol. When I saw the name of the restaurant outside I was immediately drawn to it. Also because of their Latin music. I felt really at home there, for me being half Latina theehee!  

Loved it! The walls were completely covered by handwritten text by people from all over the place/country/world. 

 Cocktail! I was feeling fancypancy..

After a long day in "De Veluwe" we ate some pasta in a cool looking restaurant. I forgot the name.

(^_^)v  PEACE!

*Another selfie*

Hope you enjoyed this post~ Got a lot more coming up! Also before new years eve I will have my new youtube channel! Stay tuned for that :D. 

I'm quite busy with my study on the moment and looking for a place to call my own. Those are the reasons I was absent for a month or so. But gotta keep up! Recently I have been getting a lot of views on my blog, so I want to thank you all for that :).

Also thanks for reading this entry and see you soon again ^__^! Buenas noches~

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