woensdag 25 september 2013

Quick Blogilates workouts

(I wrote this yesterday ^_^)

Right now I am sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap, typing this blog entry, enjoying my after-workout-snack and listening to Worakls - Bleu. What a nice ending of my day, I can say.

(Did not ate the crackers anymore. Eye wants more than the tummy, haha. I made a bowl with quark, strawberries, blueberries and random kinds of nuts.)

I lit up some candles which have a fresh scent to them ^_^. My boyfriend also has some chill blue light in his room. That made the atmosphere even more relaxed.

After a nice day in the library and nice workout I think I deserved it, hehehe. I spend almost the whole day in the library studying and got back home late. Still I wanted to workout, so no excuses and I just did. The past months I have been slacking big time with exercising, but lately I am getting back on track. And you know what, it feels awesome!

Unfortunately I couldn't go for a run outside, because it was getting dark (yeah, I'm a scardiepants.). There is also no gym nearby that I can go to. At the moment I am not living in my home town. That's why I don't go to the gym as often as I did. Eventually I will go again^_^. But yeah, I needed to come up with something else. 

Now this was my answer :). For whom doesn't know who or what Blogilates is I highly recommend you to go and check this:
And if you already knew about it, HIGH FIVE *Borats voice*!

Her channel has the most awesome workouts. I have been doing her exercises for quite a long time. Maybe almost a year now. But it doesn't get boring at all! The workouts are diverse and fun. Also you can tone down the exercises to your own preference or pump it up a notch. It is for everybody. From beginners until advanced.

So, what kind of workouts did I do today? 

Here are the workouts that I have done today:

Number One
Let's warm up!

Number Two
Hello thinner legs.

Number Three
Squat it out to a fun song.

Number Four
Waist slimming workout. Get ready to rollll~

Number Five
Bye, bye lovehandles!

Number Six

Including stretching after the workouts I was busy for almost one hour. Not much, but the title already says it :D.  Uhu, don't forget to stretch after a workout! It is good for you :3.

I remember the first time I tried some of her vid's. I died................ I thought I was kind of strong and fit and stuff. But this girl, pffffffffffffffffffeewww!!!! She talks (without even breathingX_X) about cupcackes and rainbows while killing it hard in her exercises! Tremendous respect for her.

I think I will be posting the workouts I have done with Blogilates more often. I hope I get you started now too, haha! And if you already workout with her, did you see any results yet? I did ^__^! 

Thanks for reading this entry and I hope to see you soon again on my page.

Hasta la vista bebehhh~

zondag 15 september 2013

Stronger, it will make you..

A few months ago I went through a phase in my life that I have never been through. It was such a huge experience and eye opener for me. My view on life and the way I felt about life changed into better ones. There are still a lot of things I need to improve about myself, but I now clearly know which things those are at this point. 

I have made big changes in my life and I needed to let go of some things.  

I think a lot of people are afraid of making choices in their life. Afraid to let go of the comfort zone. Afraid to do what they have never done before. Afraid of what people will think about them.

People say that you should make most out of your life while you are still young. I do agree. 

You are only young once in your life. The habits you create today, will make you the person that you are tomorrow. 

I am 20 years old right now and already I feel like I could've done more, see more and experience more. For example I haven't traveled much. I have heard about different cultures, seen it on TV and internet. Read about it in magazines, but I have never really been  there. I never seen it with my own eyes. Never experienced the true culture of other countries.

Now I have been a lot to the Dominican Republic, because of family living there (BEAUTIFUL country, you must go!). I have been a week in Barcelona with high school, but for me it wasn't that interesting because of reasons. Other than that I have visited some other countries for just a day or so. It isn't that much. Of course I am happy to say I have been there. Maybe some people never left their country for a holiday.

I want to go and see the world! BUT...... There is always that yeaaahh but.... Always that restriction you are making upon yourself. Trying to be a responsible person towards everybody, because you need to study, work, sleep, poop or something. Also caring so much about what they would think of you and say about you. 

That yeaah but... is your problem, is my problem, are a lot of peoples problem! It holds you back of the things that would make you happy. It holds you back from given you more experience. Good or bad...

 Stronger, it will make you..


Think about it. Don't you have some things you would really love to do? Would you be able to do them if you would take everybody his opinion in consideration? It is hard, right?

Slowly but surely you are getting older. Time keeps ticking and there is nothing you can do about time. But there is something you can do about your dreams. You can either stick to your same old comfy routine or go out there and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true! 

I also have some dreams. For example..   I want to be a healthy and strong woman, I want to be a good student and have a great job later on, I want to see Japan one day, I want to travel and see the world, I want to be a good cosplayer, I want to have a popular youtube channel/blog!

So much "I want's". The only person who can make those dreams come true, is me. Me, Myself and I. Nobody else. Of course some people have it better. Like they have good connections, more money, better circumstances etc.. But that wouldn't make you stop following your dream if you really want it to come true.

So what I want to say to you and myself is that we should forget about the people that doubt us. You should make place for new things in your life by removing old things. Don't let anybody get in your way. And most surely get rid of the yeahh but's...

Caring less will make you happier. Doing what you love will make you happier too.

What do you think about this? Do you see it in another way? 

Thank you for reading this long brain fart. Hope you get my point ^^.


zaterdag 14 september 2013

De Veluwe - A National park in The Netherlands and foooods

There is a park here in Holland called "De Veluwe". During the summer vacation I visited the park for the first time in my life. Yes, I live in Holland but I never went there before. Hehe.

Together with Tatsuya, we went there to celebrate his birthday. We both have a kind of adventures spirit. So it seemed like the perfect place to go. We spend three days in Arnhem. The second day we headed out to discover the "De Veluwe".

If you want to check out what this park is all about, click HERE!

And if there is one thing that I should tell you about the park: "IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!". Definitely one of the nicest and most beautiful parks I have ever seen here in The Netherlands. Nature wise it is a quite boring country. Because it is a densely populated nation, there is barely any wildlife. Most of the wildlife is to be found in "De Veluwe".

Unlucky  us, we didn't encounter any wildlife at all! We arrived there before noon if I remember right. I think the best chances to see wildlife are in the early morning or late at night probably. 

We traveled through the park on bikes. You can lend a free bike at the entrance. We cycled through the forest and then we came up to this area. My jaws just fell open... I couldn't believe this was Holland. Amazing.

We bought a map at the entrance and followed it all the way through. Tatsuya even used a compass on his phone to check where we were precisely, haha. Came out quite in handy!  

After almost cycling for an hour we entered a big café/dining place and we drank some coffee to warm ourselves up. We also ate some muesli bars for some quick energy. Not knowing how long the way was that we still had ahead of us!

Here we sat on a bench almost 6ft(2 meters) high I think. What a view. A lot of other bicyclers past through and we said "Hi!" to a lot of them. We said "Hi!" to actually almost everybody who we encountered, lol. Some said "Hi!" first, others replied super friendly back to us, others were startled by usO_O and some just totally didn't acknowledge us XD.     

This area was the most awesome one! It looked like a savanna. Only the elephants, lions and zebra's were missing. 

On all of the pictures the weather looks nice, right? It wasn't like that the whole time though. We had lost of rain. But for the most part the weather was good. いいてんきでした!

When we came back to the entrance to place the bikes back we noticed that we had cycled for around 5 hours! 5 HOURS! That's a lot of hours, hehehe. Good workout I would say :). I definitely want to go back, because though we have been there for over 5 hours, we haven't seen everything yet.

*Taking a selfie in the mirror*

The first day we ate at a Tapas Restaurant called "La Cubanita". I never ate tapas before. I am rather the virgin in a lot of things, lol. When I saw the name of the restaurant outside I was immediately drawn to it. Also because of their Latin music. I felt really at home there, for me being half Latina theehee!  

Loved it! The walls were completely covered by handwritten text by people from all over the place/country/world. 

 Cocktail! I was feeling fancypancy..

After a long day in "De Veluwe" we ate some pasta in a cool looking restaurant. I forgot the name.

(^_^)v  PEACE!

*Another selfie*

Hope you enjoyed this post~ Got a lot more coming up! Also before new years eve I will have my new youtube channel! Stay tuned for that :D. 

I'm quite busy with my study on the moment and looking for a place to call my own. Those are the reasons I was absent for a month or so. But gotta keep up! Recently I have been getting a lot of views on my blog, so I want to thank you all for that :).

Also thanks for reading this entry and see you soon again ^__^! Buenas noches~

vrijdag 13 september 2013

Loving life with some Japanese sweets

So you guys know I like having a relaxing and good time. Here is a blog entry about it again! And Eindhoven again. A place down in the south of Holland. I come here more often now.. THEE-HEE :). (This adventure took place in the summer vacation)

It is a nice city, but I would not put in into my list of favorite cities.

Ordered some green tea in a pretty awesome café (see next picture why). Healthy way to drink your tea is not to put any sugar or crap in it Ò_Ó!! 

I never drink soda's. I only drink water, tea and sometimes orange juice or milk. Not so much of the last two.

We could play nintendo O_o! How awesome is that?! Mario kart <3. I grew up with that game.

The quality of the picture is quite bad, because it was dark inside. The sandwich was delicious though. Salmon sandwich with cucumbers, tomato's and some other green healthy stuff.


More pictures of green stuff, haha. I chilled here and enjoyed the sun after a long day in the city center. 

*Awkwardly posing shoes in grass* 

Do you know this? Ever eaten it? YOU SHOULD! It is delicious and they come in all kinds of different flavors. This one is green tea paste. I remember the first time I tried mochi and I was like: "whuaa, whaa, whuuu what is this?". It is so soft en icky, jelly-like in your mouth. If you can get used to that, you will definitely enjoy it!

Another Japanese sweetness. Haha you thought I was only talking about food, did you?

Ichigo. Japanese for strawberry. Which I like a lot!

Cookies filled with strawberry filling and more mochi. This mochi is strawberry flavored. 

Without unpacking them I could smell how sweet it was!

I could also taste like almost real kind of strawberry pieces inside of them. 

*OMNOMNOM* gooooooooooooooood~

We bought the sweets at a Asian supermarket. They have lots of stuff you can't find in regular European supermarkets. I will tell you that you should definitely try them! 

Other blogposts coming soon! And oh yea, I will be blogging for my school soon too! When I get started I will make a blogposts about it so you can check it out too. The blog will be completely written in Dutch though. So for my non-dutch readers, imma verry verry saaarrryy~XD. It is possible to translate haha.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon! Good night!