zondag 11 augustus 2013

The dark path with fake light bulbs

Be happy with what you have. Really, complaining about how shitty things can get or complaining about things you don't have is quite bad. Now I find myself guilty to it sometimes. It is okay to be mad or sad and have an outburst or cry, but don't let the feeling control you.

Think about the things you already have in life. For example your caring parents, handful of good friends, your sweet and loving girlfriend or boyfriend, the opportunity to study and built your career, doing the things you love to do etc.. Even things like owning a proper set of clothes, sleeping in a comfy bed at night, eating good dinner everyday. The list goes on and on. 

Think about the people that don't have that. All the things that are normal to you, could be a dream to someone else. Be thankful for what you have. Of course it is right to strife for better things, but don't kill yourself or others over it. Have respect and patience! Be caring and help others when needed.

That was a kind of something I was thinking about... but...

At this moment I can see that good times are ahead for me. A few months ago my path was sort of unclear, smoggy, dark and there was no way I could find my way through it. Luckily I had a few light bulbs around me that helped me clear up my path. There were also some fake light bulbs misleading me.

I really got to know some people a lot better. I also got to know myself a lot better. 

In the period of my darker phase I kind of tried to escaped from it temporary. I ignored the dark and did things that made me feel good in the short term. Some things I regret, some things I really don't regret :). In the end of the day I actually don't regret anything. It makes me the person who I am now, the way I think and act. It defines me. I define myself. I won't let others define who I am. I like where I am at now, I LOVE IT! I couldn't wish for something better and I will cherish what I have.

Along the way I got to know some people better, like I said, and also deeper. I learned how to drop the people that had a negative influence in my life. Those fake bulbs, that want to help you.. but in the end make things worse for you, yeah, those. Of course their intentions are always right and stuff. I believe it, but it doesn't have to mean that their intentions are good for YOU. 

Think about it. if you have some troubles and need some serious time for yourself, there is nothing more annoying than people who know what is best for you and bother you with it. Now I'm not just talking about somebody in particular. No. There were several persons who liked to interfere with my personal life all the time. They don't do that because they are REALLY worried about you or REALLY are interested in you or want the best for you. They do that because they want something from you, are jealous of you, are madly in love with you in a obsessed way or don't have an interesting life their selves etc.. I hope those several people feel addressed now. I hope you read this. Several people liked to talk about me, maybe they still do. And you know what, keep on talking.. ;) 

If they interpreted something negative from me, they wouldn't come to me and say: "Yo, what you said there hurt me." or "What do you mean? Explain yourself." No, those several people in particular would go to other people to talk about what I said or did. Are you scared to confront me or tell me what you are feeling? Do you get a kick out of somebodies attention you receive when talking about me? DO YOU LIKE THE ATTENTION YOU GET?!

I am somebody who doesn't pay attention to things I just hear randomly. If something bothers me that I heard, I will go to the person from who it's about and confront that person or ask that person about it. Simple, right? Not for them maybe. Some several people don't do that and start unnecessary gossip.

If you are really a friend it doesn't matter if we don't see each other for a long time or talk to each other for a long time. We just say to each other "I miss you!" or "I wanna see you again!" or "Let's catch up soon!". If we see each other it instantly feels alright and probably talk our heads off. Real friends will accepts who you are and respects you. If you do some stupid shit they will most definitely ask you about it or slap you in the face and tell you that they didn't liked what you did. They talk with you and find a solution. 

Sometimes it happens that the persons keep it to their selves and talk to other closer friends about it. About what shitty thing you did. They will talk to "Other closer friends" and not to "Everybody is a friend so I will tell everybody". In the end it will always be okay and you just get a stronger bond. The ones who make it worse for you, just drop them. You have no time to deal with crap! Why should you even?! 

Delete the crap, remove the crap, ban the crap out of your life! It is your life. You don't have to be nice to everybody, you don't have to please everybody. That is what I really have taken to heart now. I was always being so nice to everybody, because I wanted them to like me. Always smiling, saying yes etc etc. Now it is time to think more about myself. I will take control and let the sun shine on my path. I will make my own way and make my own choices that will make me happy.

Don't let anybody bring you down or let them tell you you can't do something. Don't be TOO realistic or serious all the time. When the first plane was invented, were they realistic? When they said that they wanted to get people on the moon, were they realistic? No and NOOO! A lot of people said it never would be possible or that they were crazy! But guess what, you can fly to another country within hours if it wasn't for that unrealistic idea. We can even fly to the moon now :).

Just think about it. If you have a dream or want something, go for it.. Just do it(nike). If somebody says to you: "You need to be realistic about it." or "That is never possible.", SCREW THEM! You just go for it try and fail, fail again and again and again until you succeed. If you don't succeed, no worries! You have at least tried and not many people do that. You also tried a lot more that the people who just tell you it is not possible.  

Wow, this was a huge rant about random things in my head. To be honest the things I talked about that were a bit personal and don't bother me at all right now. I am present and looking a bit ahead. It is tough though, trying to stay present, but it is worth it! MY LIFE IS AWESOME and it can only get better.

Thanks for reading, haha. 

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