donderdag 18 juli 2013

Yeah, The Netherlands is quite nice.

Most of the time I think The Netherlands is kind of boring if you compare it to other countries. Now I haven't been in a lot of other countries yet, so maybe I am far from accurate, lol. But from what I have heard, read and seen on TV and internet other countries seem much more interesting. For example stores are open until really late, cities are way more lively, the food is much more diverse, the morals and how the people think and act etc etc etc...

But from time to time I start to appreciate The Netherlands more. Especially now the weather is so much better (T▽T). Last months I have been to several places, traveled a bit through The Netherlands, met some new people and stuff. Yeah, The Netherlands is quite nice. 

I went to the south of Holland last weekend. 

Shopping center

There was a market that I wanted to go to. Unfortunately it was not what I had expected from it, but still was nice to view it.

I want this in my room!

After walking through the shopping center we went to check out a big market. There was SO MUCH NICE FOOD! Fresh fruits and vegetables everywhere. Too bad I didn't take more pictures of it now I think of it
 o( ><)o.

On the back of a bike taking a selfie XD. Did not use any layer, mehmeh.

Check out all the graffiti! This place is so fascinating.

Eyeball on the ground, boy.

I took these pictures on the back of the bicycle so that is why there a bit woesh┏(^0^)┛.

Heading towards a park.

I like this one ^^.

Of course this was just a tiny piece of Holland, haha. But if you wanna see more be sure to keep following my blog. I always post some random scenery of places I went to!

Hope you enjoyed this entry! THANKS~

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