dinsdag 2 juli 2013

Having fun no matter where you are

If you want to have a bit of a fun time, it doesn't have to mean that you need to spend money or somewhat. I think it really depends on with who you are with. Even the place doesn't matter! Just think about it  (*´・v・)  If you are with the persons you really like to be with, you can always have a fun time no matter where you are!

For example if you go to the most luxurious place on earth, but you are surrounded by annoying and bad people how likely would be the chance that you are going to have fun there? Of course you can entertain yourself, but for how long? Eventually you want to be socially active, right? Especially in positive surroundings.

If you are with the ones you love you could hang out on top of a big pile of…uhm, let us say poo… yes poo… and still have fun! Not that I would super enjoy hanging out there, but I hope you get my point.

The nicest things in life are really for free! I guarantee you. Seeing the sun rise and fall, watching the stars at night, giving or receiving hugs, smiles, kisses, chilling outside on a hot summers eve, a spontaneously snowball fight in the winter, playing with your little brother or sister etc etc etc! I think things like that are really much better than spending money on materialistic stuff.

I had deep thoughts about it after I had a really nice afternoon workout/stroll with Choi through a park nearby our neighborhood. We put on some comfy clothes and decided to meet and catch up a bit. The weather was perfect. Not to cold, not to warm.

We found a tree house in the park! How awesome is that! We instantly switched over to our 8 year old selves and started to climb into the tree house.

It is quite an extraordinary feeling when I think of how lively and spirited children are. They are overloaded with fantasy and don’t have a lot of stuff to care about compared to adults. If you would see adults climbing up some tree house you instinctively would think that that is childish or weird. People loose so much creativity when they grow older.. Too bad I think. Stupid society :).

But yeah.. the thing I was talking about was that you could have fun no matter where you are! It really depends on the people you are with. I think it is a good thing to surround yourself with loving positive people that would never want to hurt or let you down in the end and you participate in the same way.

I just wanted to share those thoughts with you guys and the nice day I had together with Choi. (Here is her blogpost: http://li-cai-xia.blogspot.nl/).

What do you think about it?

Thanks for reading this post and see you soon here again!

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