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Animecon 2013 - Part 1

About a month ago I went to Animecon 2013. This was the first time I visited the convention. I had quite big expectations from it, being one of the biggest anime conventions in Holland. If you want to know more about Animecon check out their website here: http://www.animecon.nl/

I purchased a weekend-ticket for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I only visited the convention on Friday and Saturday.

As I told you in **this** post I unfortunately didn't had the time to make a proper cosplay outfit. On the other side I had the opportunity to take pictures and film a lot of cosplayers. I like to film the cosplayers rather than taking pictures of them °)b.

On Friday I went together with Choi and TK. (visit Choi her blogspot: http://li-cai-xia.blogspot.nl/) Both were pretty interested about the convention, but none of them dressed up. TK said he did some cosplay a time ago and Choi wants to make a costume eventually too. 

Before heading to Animecon 2013 we ate some Dim Sum in a Chinese restaurant in The Hague. Delicious way to fill up your tummy and because we ate there we didn't get hungry at the convention, haha  (ω)

There am I.... awkwardly sitting by myself (_).

After stuffing ourselves with goodness we left the restaurant and proceeded our journey towards Animecon 2013. We took the tram nearby the centrum of The Hague and got off at the stop "World Forum". The place where all the magic happens. 

Choi: "Whatcha want? (゜-゜)"..

Choi: "Ohh, hiiii!(◠‿◠)".

After standing in a super long queue, where we probably stood for like an hour, we finally entered the “World Forum” congress building. If you wanna know what that place is like, check it out *HERE*. It is huge!

After getting our convention passes I got changed and grabbed my camera to capture ALL THE COSPLAY ψ(`∇´)ψ!!! 

See below how I was dressed like:

(In the bathroom)

I was a kind of gothic / lolita / hatsune miku / cat.....ヽ(゜Q。)ノ?You be the judge, lol. I got my corset and skirt from a store called "Black Widow" in Rotterdam. My cardigan that glows in the dark is from H&M. Most of the jewelry I have on is from Claire's and my creepers (my shoes) are from New Look. I did not especially bought something for Animecon. I just worked with what I had in my closet.

Meow :3

Here is a picture of me and ditto.... YEAH, DAFUQ! DIGLET! It was such a good and hilarious idea to come up with. Although it looked kind of awkward in some way lololololol.

Moving on.. My thoughts about Friday.. Friday was actually a very boring day. There wasn't much to do or to see. It was also quite empty. It looked like a more relaxing and chill day than an interesting and awesome one, haha. All the big events and activities were planned on Saturday, so that would be one of the main reasons it wasn't that crowded.

For some reason I didn't took so much pictures on Friday. I captured a lot more on film actually. So I can't show you anymore pictures of that day which I made myself. So here ends my Friday experience of Animecon 2013.

On the bright side... I have got some fun news! I am planning to make a new youtube account. A fresh and new start with good quality videos that will be nicely edited(人´∀`*). I am going to use my old account (**THIS ONE**) as an account for random video uploads and random browsing. One of my first video's on my new youtube account will be about Animecon 2013. 

I can't exactly give you a precise date when I will be launching my new youtube account. I want to give it my full focus and plan everything in an organized way. In that way it will result in an up-to-date channel with loads of fun stuff! I'm still thinking of a representative name for it also. We will keep in touch about that, alright? :)

To end this blog entry, here is a picture of me from the NOZLAN photo booth thingy. Here is the link to their website: http://www.nozlan.com/. I always go there to get my picture taken. It is completely free! Nice, right?!

Part 2 of Animecon 2013 will be uploaded soon!

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day! 

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