zaterdag 6 april 2013

Bye, bye Sephora

It is definitive. Sephora will be leaving the Netherlands! This might be shocking to most of you girls. Sephora has only been sold in the Netherlands for some years now and they are already leaving. On the internet I read that they want to focus on international growth and Holland is not a part of that. In June 2013 everything that belongs to Sephora will be gone. Brands like Urban Decay, Ciaté, Too Faced... GONE. Not that they say much to me, lol. I only now a bit about Urban Decay, that's all.

I'm not that into make up and I quite suck at putting it on, but that was no reason for me not to snoop around the Sephora sales! YES! You read it right, sales. 

Because of Sephora leaving, they are lowering prices on Sephora products. So I went with some friends from school to check it out. We entered the V&D (It's a department store in the Netherlands) and we saw all those women O_O... women going crazy, bumping into each other, grabbing, pulling, pushing.... OMG. CONTAIN YOURSELVES DAMNIT. T_T.

Even I felt scared, so I wondered how the guys that came with us were feeling at that moment. They had to wait for us to finish shopping so we could go head out to eat. 

Either way, I had fun talking about make up and skincare. That is because.. I'm a girl, yessur.. and by that statement I can also declare that I have BOUGHT SO MUCH my wallet is hurting.. No just kidding, it is just empty right now -.-..

Here take a look:

So crowded!

Lip glosses, lipsticks, concealers, eye liners, nail polishes etc..

Choi and my products here.

Two little girls drooling *_*

Here are the things I bought that day:

A highlighter. Never had one before. Still haven't used it, so I'm curious. 

Eye liner!



Next to make up I bought skincare products, like this clearing concealer camouflager formula. 

A cleansing mask and spot treatment gel for bad skin. I hope they will show good results in time.

I bought a surprise bag and these were the products it came with.

Urban decay eye pencil!

This is so nice and it smell so goooooooood!

Cute, isn't it?

I hope you liked this post and be ready for the next one ^_^!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi, do you know if they still have sephora now? in the website they said there's one shop in rotterdam?

    1. Hello! Sephora is not more to be sold in Holland. In the "V&D" in Rotterdam they had a Sephora section, but not anymore unfortunately!