dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Finally, Lifestyle changes

Every once in a while you get the feeling you want to loose weight, look better, eat healthier etc etc.. But then there comes a period where all your motivation for it will decrease. All the effort you put into you so called "healthy lifestyle" disappears O_O. Then you gain all the weight you have lost back, you get back to snacking and don't care about your exercise routines.

Do you recognize this? ...Don't lie!

I'm glad I can say that my lifestyle has changed a lot. It really started from the beginning of this year. My craving for chocolate almost doesn't exist anymore. 

Random reader: "Say whaaat? I don't believe you!".
Me: "No, for real O_O!"

I never paid much attention to what I needed to eat or what was good for my body. I was satisfied with myself the way I was. Not that I was completely happy with it, but I thought I looked so-so.  Of course I wanted to look more skinnier and prettier, but I had no urge for it and I was never really fat also. 

But a few days before new years eve my eyes kind of like opened up and I saw that if I continued to remain the eating habits I had I would never be truly happy with myself and my body. I started to realize that I wanted a great body and not a so-so one. I started to realize what is good for your body and not. I took a good look at everything that I was eating and asked myself: "Is this going to make me feel/look better afterwards or not? Is this healthy for me or not?". Asking sort kinds of questions really makes me consider what I eat or not. Chocolate can make me happy for a moment, but that apple will benefit me a lot more in the long run.

Of course looks and being beautiful are nothing compared to someones intelligence and character. That I know for sure, but it is something I want to do for myself. I don't know if the media formed my opinion on that and all those stupid magazines with Photoshop bodies. BUT, in the end of the day I want to do this for me, myself and I. I want to be en feel healthy. I want also to look freaking hot over 20 years when I am a mom.. and not FAT and UNHEALTHY.


A bit about myself..
The heaviest I ever was, was 65 kilograms. Now I'm at 60 kilograms. My goals is to weigh a minimum of 56 or 57 kilograms and maximum 60 kilograms. I always have two cheat days. The other 5 days I eat clean and healthy. I did this for a few months and it went super well. Two weeks ago I lacked at it.. That was because of personal things. But now I am ready to never have that as excuse anymore!! 

My goals..
Within a month I want to loose a maximum of 5 kilograms. Not because I want to be a tiny skinny girl. I want to have a toned and curved body. I want to loose more percentage of body fat, because I am around 30 % (that is what they tell me at the gym when I check up there). But I don't believe that O_O. I looked up how that should look like. Here:

I think at the moment I have 25 % body fat. The only places where I have fat is in my thighs and butt. My stomach is pretty flat. 

Furthermore I want to look healthier and feel healthier. Not only by eating and exercising right, but also I want to get enough sleep. Sleep is so important, it really is.

I made up a list with priorities that I want to have to complete my goal:
  1. Sleep
  2. Eating clean & healthy
  3. School
  4. Exercising
  5. Body caring routines 
With point 5 I mean caring for my body. Like scrubbing, facial masks, doing my nails, treating my hair and all that girly stuff. I lack at that. My nails look like that of a kid that was playing outside in the dirt -__-. iew.

That aside I want to show you what meals I made when I changed my mind about my eating habits. I came to understand and experienced that healthy food can be as delicious as all those crappy foods, lol. I always craved for chocolate and cookies. But now when I am hungry or crave for something sweet I get off of my lazy ass an start making some healthy and good food in the kitchen. Here for example the things I buy and make:

As a quick snack.

Chicken with cassave.

Grapes, quark (I don;t know how it is spelled, but it thicker that yogurt) with blueberries, a mug with ju d'orange and green thee.

Kiwi's that I eat as a snack with a spoon.

Cruesli with pure chocolate that I eat in the weekends only with milk and next to that I have a bowl with strawberries and blueberries.

Another snack with green tea.

Potato's with carrots, spinach, chicken and...yes a banana. I am used to eat a banana with warm meals -.-. Don't judge me Ò_Ó!

Another snack. I love fruits <3.

Crackers with smoked salmon, lettuce and Philadelphia. A few pistachios on the side. Detoxing tea on the right.

Ju D'orange, berries with honey and 2 cookies with raisins in them.

Oatmeal with blueberries and one spoon of sugar.

Musli with raisins and other fruits in it. Ju D'orange and two mandarins. I ate two pieces of dark chocolate with blueberries.

Broccoli and chicken with sesame seed and a bit of soy sauce.

I started to eat yogurt with nuts and cinnamon (also blueberries, but that I added frequenter). I saw it on instagram here: http://instagram.com/fleurjonathans She is really inspiring and great healtguru if I may call her so XD. Go check her out and follow for more delicious recipes.   

This was a late night snack after gym. I was so hungry. 

If I really want to eat chocolate I'll buy and eat dark chocolate.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day btw!

This was to much. I couldn't finish the oatmeal X_X. The glass contains carrot juice. It's horrible!! But I drink it because it's healthy and some day I will like it XD.

I really like the foods I made and it is really delicious instead of chocolate cookies, chips, fast food and stuff. I will still be doing more research on the web for good and healthy foods. 

For exercise I will also be doing this: a squat challenge. For 30 days I will squat my ass off. Well, not my ass off, but squat my ass on? Squat it ... yes well.. I will perky up my butt XD. Lol I talk weird. Check it out, found this on the internet:

250 sounds like pain O_O. Haha, but I'll do them in sets of 25 or 35 throughout the day ^^.

From today on until the 9th of April I will document everything I eat and write down all the exercises I do. Maybe it will be helpful for yourself too. Feel free to comment on my ideas and if you want use my ideas!

In my next post of Lifestyle changes I will show you my progress and what I have been eating. I hope you found this interesting. Thank you for reading and see you soon again!

Have a wonderful day :)


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