dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Do whatever you want... or not?

In a short amount of time, things in my life have changed a lot. Big things, small things.. I have made some changes and some factors around me have changed. Some in my benefit, others not.

I had to make some choices, but I don't know if I made good choices. Only time will tell me that, but overall I am very happy now and have a positive outlook towards the future. I think I am the person who I was again. Only I exaggerated a little bit the last weeks, haha. Some people who are closer to me might know. 

I'm not regretting anything I have done at the moment. Maybe some things, but I have learned from them now and know how to act when the situation takes place again.

I have noticed I am always fulfilling other peoples needs, just to make them happy. I never think about myself. If they are happy, I am happy. Eventually I can not please everybody.. Eventually I am only making myself unhappy on the inside and that is like destroying myself. lol.

This was a sort of introduction about what is going on with me. I have come to the conclusion that I now must do what makes me happy and feel good. Do things, things that you can't do when you are older. Eat whatever you want, go to whatever place you want, go out, make friends, just do what YOU want and not what somebody else wants you to do. Lol, noticed how I typed "Eat whatever you want.." in front of the others...anyhowwwwwwww...

Now, I'm not saying you have to go crazy XD. Just know your boundaries and respect yourself and others. :)

One of the things I have done was changing my hair style. Here a pic of how my hair is now: 

I have cut my bangs again. I always had them, but for a pretty long time I let them grow out. The only thing is, I think they make my head look bigger, lol. I'm going to let them grow out again XD.

Next to that, I have got my ears pierced! Never thought I would do so, but here it is:



Here is were I got pierced. It's in Rotterdam. 

They accompanied me when I got pierced. lol.

By the way, don't be fooled by the pictures. My skin isn't so nice as it seems. I have got terrible acne skin XD! This is all thanks to a Chinese app which has an awesome layer. 

But yeah, the first one I got pierced two weeks ago and the second one a week ago. Actually it isn't very good what I did. A piercing needs to heal for almost two months and then it will be safe to get another one. But I just couldn't wait! Everything is oké tho. They are healing quite well and I'm always cleaning them two or three times a day.

I am super happy with them :D

Next to that I have had days were I left home from early in the morning until late at night. I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun times. Especially those with my friends. I sort of didn't saw them anymore and I think it is most of my fault. I went out to eat a lot.. maybe a bit too much XD! 

A Chinese restaurant.

Bubble tea at another Chinese restaurant, haha.

Notice how almost everybody drinks coca cola.

A pesto spinach pizza, so delicious! With tea.I never drink soda's. It's always juice, tea or water.

Bubble tea overload! Drank too much, but it was so delicious <3.

Cheese cake T__T.... Y U so good?! This was a dessert at Vapiano when I went with Arjana.

Most of those foods were before my life style changes (A). REALLY! O_O.. Haha. I have drank to much bubble tea tho. To much sugar. 

I have been going with the flow for a few weeks now and I must say. It feel so good :). Still, I just need to get back on the ground again and get my number one priorities back in line again. 

Here are some more random pics:

Goofing around in the Media Markt!

This was when we went shooting films for a school assignment for Japanese class. 

Looking at her burger like: MY PRECIOUS njenjenjenje XD 

Pouting lips for extra model appearance.

I really have come to the conclusion that when I am still young I can do what I want and make my own boundaries. Having respect is just very important. Respect for yourself and others. Don't let anybody fool you and tell you what is best for you. Having trust in certain people is also important. Listen to your heart and mind.

Have a great day <3.

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  1. Hi Kristel ^_^
    uhm, Ik wist niet waar ik je moest mailen toen je zei dat je mij kon helpen met Japans >.<
    dus ik laat hier even een berichtje achter
    <(^_^)> ik kan echt alle hulp gebruiken ^^ hihi


      Het heeft even geduurd deze post weer te vinden maar ik heb hem xD.
      Maar ik wil je graag helpen met Japans! Ik heb een hele goede bron om het te leren :) hehehe.

      Laat me weten via waar je contact zou willen hebben. Facebook, skype, e-mail misschien? zeg het maar^_^


    2. Yaay ^_^

      Uhm, ik heb Twitter/LINE/whatsapp/e-mail :)
      Ik weet niet welke het handigst is x)

      Waar kan ik het schrijven zodat niet iedereen het heeft ^^
      lol xD