dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Do whatever you want... or not?

In a short amount of time, things in my life have changed a lot. Big things, small things.. I have made some changes and some factors around me have changed. Some in my benefit, others not.

I had to make some choices, but I don't know if I made good choices. Only time will tell me that, but overall I am very happy now and have a positive outlook towards the future. I think I am the person who I was again. Only I exaggerated a little bit the last weeks, haha. Some people who are closer to me might know. 

I'm not regretting anything I have done at the moment. Maybe some things, but I have learned from them now and know how to act when the situation takes place again.

I have noticed I am always fulfilling other peoples needs, just to make them happy. I never think about myself. If they are happy, I am happy. Eventually I can not please everybody.. Eventually I am only making myself unhappy on the inside and that is like destroying myself. lol.

This was a sort of introduction about what is going on with me. I have come to the conclusion that I now must do what makes me happy and feel good. Do things, things that you can't do when you are older. Eat whatever you want, go to whatever place you want, go out, make friends, just do what YOU want and not what somebody else wants you to do. Lol, noticed how I typed "Eat whatever you want.." in front of the others...anyhowwwwwwww...

Now, I'm not saying you have to go crazy XD. Just know your boundaries and respect yourself and others. :)

One of the things I have done was changing my hair style. Here a pic of how my hair is now: 

I have cut my bangs again. I always had them, but for a pretty long time I let them grow out. The only thing is, I think they make my head look bigger, lol. I'm going to let them grow out again XD.

Next to that, I have got my ears pierced! Never thought I would do so, but here it is:



Here is were I got pierced. It's in Rotterdam. 

They accompanied me when I got pierced. lol.

By the way, don't be fooled by the pictures. My skin isn't so nice as it seems. I have got terrible acne skin XD! This is all thanks to a Chinese app which has an awesome layer. 

But yeah, the first one I got pierced two weeks ago and the second one a week ago. Actually it isn't very good what I did. A piercing needs to heal for almost two months and then it will be safe to get another one. But I just couldn't wait! Everything is oké tho. They are healing quite well and I'm always cleaning them two or three times a day.

I am super happy with them :D

Next to that I have had days were I left home from early in the morning until late at night. I feel like I missed out on a lot of fun times. Especially those with my friends. I sort of didn't saw them anymore and I think it is most of my fault. I went out to eat a lot.. maybe a bit too much XD! 

A Chinese restaurant.

Bubble tea at another Chinese restaurant, haha.

Notice how almost everybody drinks coca cola.

A pesto spinach pizza, so delicious! With tea.I never drink soda's. It's always juice, tea or water.

Bubble tea overload! Drank too much, but it was so delicious <3.

Cheese cake T__T.... Y U so good?! This was a dessert at Vapiano when I went with Arjana.

Most of those foods were before my life style changes (A). REALLY! O_O.. Haha. I have drank to much bubble tea tho. To much sugar. 

I have been going with the flow for a few weeks now and I must say. It feel so good :). Still, I just need to get back on the ground again and get my number one priorities back in line again. 

Here are some more random pics:

Goofing around in the Media Markt!

This was when we went shooting films for a school assignment for Japanese class. 

Looking at her burger like: MY PRECIOUS njenjenjenje XD 

Pouting lips for extra model appearance.

I really have come to the conclusion that when I am still young I can do what I want and make my own boundaries. Having respect is just very important. Respect for yourself and others. Don't let anybody fool you and tell you what is best for you. Having trust in certain people is also important. Listen to your heart and mind.

Have a great day <3.

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

Finally, Lifestyle changes

Every once in a while you get the feeling you want to loose weight, look better, eat healthier etc etc.. But then there comes a period where all your motivation for it will decrease. All the effort you put into you so called "healthy lifestyle" disappears O_O. Then you gain all the weight you have lost back, you get back to snacking and don't care about your exercise routines.

Do you recognize this? ...Don't lie!

I'm glad I can say that my lifestyle has changed a lot. It really started from the beginning of this year. My craving for chocolate almost doesn't exist anymore. 

Random reader: "Say whaaat? I don't believe you!".
Me: "No, for real O_O!"

I never paid much attention to what I needed to eat or what was good for my body. I was satisfied with myself the way I was. Not that I was completely happy with it, but I thought I looked so-so.  Of course I wanted to look more skinnier and prettier, but I had no urge for it and I was never really fat also. 

But a few days before new years eve my eyes kind of like opened up and I saw that if I continued to remain the eating habits I had I would never be truly happy with myself and my body. I started to realize that I wanted a great body and not a so-so one. I started to realize what is good for your body and not. I took a good look at everything that I was eating and asked myself: "Is this going to make me feel/look better afterwards or not? Is this healthy for me or not?". Asking sort kinds of questions really makes me consider what I eat or not. Chocolate can make me happy for a moment, but that apple will benefit me a lot more in the long run.

Of course looks and being beautiful are nothing compared to someones intelligence and character. That I know for sure, but it is something I want to do for myself. I don't know if the media formed my opinion on that and all those stupid magazines with Photoshop bodies. BUT, in the end of the day I want to do this for me, myself and I. I want to be en feel healthy. I want also to look freaking hot over 20 years when I am a mom.. and not FAT and UNHEALTHY.


A bit about myself..
The heaviest I ever was, was 65 kilograms. Now I'm at 60 kilograms. My goals is to weigh a minimum of 56 or 57 kilograms and maximum 60 kilograms. I always have two cheat days. The other 5 days I eat clean and healthy. I did this for a few months and it went super well. Two weeks ago I lacked at it.. That was because of personal things. But now I am ready to never have that as excuse anymore!! 

My goals..
Within a month I want to loose a maximum of 5 kilograms. Not because I want to be a tiny skinny girl. I want to have a toned and curved body. I want to loose more percentage of body fat, because I am around 30 % (that is what they tell me at the gym when I check up there). But I don't believe that O_O. I looked up how that should look like. Here:

I think at the moment I have 25 % body fat. The only places where I have fat is in my thighs and butt. My stomach is pretty flat. 

Furthermore I want to look healthier and feel healthier. Not only by eating and exercising right, but also I want to get enough sleep. Sleep is so important, it really is.

I made up a list with priorities that I want to have to complete my goal:
  1. Sleep
  2. Eating clean & healthy
  3. School
  4. Exercising
  5. Body caring routines 
With point 5 I mean caring for my body. Like scrubbing, facial masks, doing my nails, treating my hair and all that girly stuff. I lack at that. My nails look like that of a kid that was playing outside in the dirt -__-. iew.

That aside I want to show you what meals I made when I changed my mind about my eating habits. I came to understand and experienced that healthy food can be as delicious as all those crappy foods, lol. I always craved for chocolate and cookies. But now when I am hungry or crave for something sweet I get off of my lazy ass an start making some healthy and good food in the kitchen. Here for example the things I buy and make:

As a quick snack.

Chicken with cassave.

Grapes, quark (I don;t know how it is spelled, but it thicker that yogurt) with blueberries, a mug with ju d'orange and green thee.

Kiwi's that I eat as a snack with a spoon.

Cruesli with pure chocolate that I eat in the weekends only with milk and next to that I have a bowl with strawberries and blueberries.

Another snack with green tea.

Potato's with carrots, spinach, chicken and...yes a banana. I am used to eat a banana with warm meals -.-. Don't judge me Ò_Ó!

Another snack. I love fruits <3.

Crackers with smoked salmon, lettuce and Philadelphia. A few pistachios on the side. Detoxing tea on the right.

Ju D'orange, berries with honey and 2 cookies with raisins in them.

Oatmeal with blueberries and one spoon of sugar.

Musli with raisins and other fruits in it. Ju D'orange and two mandarins. I ate two pieces of dark chocolate with blueberries.

Broccoli and chicken with sesame seed and a bit of soy sauce.

I started to eat yogurt with nuts and cinnamon (also blueberries, but that I added frequenter). I saw it on instagram here: http://instagram.com/fleurjonathans She is really inspiring and great healtguru if I may call her so XD. Go check her out and follow for more delicious recipes.   

This was a late night snack after gym. I was so hungry. 

If I really want to eat chocolate I'll buy and eat dark chocolate.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day btw!

This was to much. I couldn't finish the oatmeal X_X. The glass contains carrot juice. It's horrible!! But I drink it because it's healthy and some day I will like it XD.

I really like the foods I made and it is really delicious instead of chocolate cookies, chips, fast food and stuff. I will still be doing more research on the web for good and healthy foods. 

For exercise I will also be doing this: a squat challenge. For 30 days I will squat my ass off. Well, not my ass off, but squat my ass on? Squat it ... yes well.. I will perky up my butt XD. Lol I talk weird. Check it out, found this on the internet:

250 sounds like pain O_O. Haha, but I'll do them in sets of 25 or 35 throughout the day ^^.

From today on until the 9th of April I will document everything I eat and write down all the exercises I do. Maybe it will be helpful for yourself too. Feel free to comment on my ideas and if you want use my ideas!

In my next post of Lifestyle changes I will show you my progress and what I have been eating. I hope you found this interesting. Thank you for reading and see you soon again!

Have a wonderful day :)