vrijdag 15 februari 2013

Change of plans for Animecon

After a month I'm posting a blogpost again! I have been in such a busy and stressful period. So I have much to update over here. I went to Tsunacon and made up my mind about my cosplay's for Animecon 2013. 

First of all I am going to tell you about the cosplay's I will be doing at Animecon. As I already told you, Animecon lasts for three days. A whole weekend full anime, manga, cosplayers, workshops and much more. 

One I will still be cosplaying is Fran from Final Fantasy XII

I'm already brainstorming about how I will make the costume, because I want it to be looking good. I always start making my costumes so late and don't have any time left to make it perfect. That's why I'm going to start making it this month. So by the time the convention is near, it will be complete! I'm going to work hard for it, because not only will I be making this cosplay costume, but also the next ones..

Juri Han from Streetfighter

Boa Hancock from One Piece

I already ordered the wig from Boa Hancock and bought an other wig for Juri, but I will have to cut it and make it look like Juri's hair myself. I'm so exited to make these cosplay's. When I complete Fran her cosplay I will start with that from Juri and if I have time left I will make Boa's costume. If I don't finish the other two costumes on time I will save them for Abunaicon ^^. 

Fran will be no problem with looking alike I think. It will be harder to pull of the other two girls which are definitely Asian. I know that Juri is Korean. I think Boa is Japanese.. Anyway they are awesome and I will do my best to portray them as good as possible.

This month I am going to buy a sewing machine and a mannequin to make sure everything fits right :).

Thank you for reading! My next post will be about Tsunacon 2013. Can't wait to show you all the pictures.


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