donderdag 17 januari 2013

Blackmilk - My new dress

In one of my last post I said I was going to order a dress. Guess what... I did! Whoooop! I'm so happy with my new dress. It's so awesome and it fits me like a glove, uhu uhu. The fabric feel so nice.. I'm in love with it and I'm definitely going to buy more of their pieces.

It came in this package..

Unpacked it :D!

Super cool.

Pretty awesome. Especially the last two lines! Sorry if this picture is a bit to sexy, blame the dress. *ahum*

It came with a letter that informed you on how you can wear the dress if you run out of ideas. I love their style of communicating with their customers. It's kind of informal, but awesome :).

I have only worn it once by now, on my birthday. Can't wait to wear it more often in the summer days. 

Here are some more pictures of me wearing it. The quality is kind of crappy. In the future I will make some more pictures of it with better quality.

Pretty cool, right? You can find the post HERE to see were I got my inspiration to buy the dress. 

Hope you liked it and maybe you are thinking: "I wanna have that tooooo!"...Then I love you and you should go and check out this: , but if you were thinking: "Meh, it's not that cool.."... then... then.. you are not cool!! XD and meh.

Haha, thanks for reading and hope to see you here again soon! Have a great day :).

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