donderdag 20 december 2012

Next years Cosplay outfits

Hi guys! Going to talk to you about upcoming conventions where I'll be going to next year and what I will be cosplaying. I have decided! :D >> Here << I was still having my doubts. 

Tsunacon Costume
I'm sure about it and I'm definitely going as Fang from Final Fantasy thirteen (FFXIII). Tsunacon will be held on Sunday the 10th of February. It's a one-day convention, so I am only going to make one outfit. I'm going to start making the outfit this month. I hope I can document the making of it so I can show it to you guys.


Animecon Costume
In May/June 2013 I'm going to another convention. This convention is called Animecon and it will be held in The Hague. It will be open for 3 days. That's a whole weekend to be exact! I will be visiting the convention three days in a row.

As I said in that previous post, I wanted to cosplay as Fran from Final Fantasy ten (FFXII). So that will be my cosplay for Animecon 2013 on Saturday and Sunday. 

For Friday I have something else in mind. I'm thinking of going as Nidalee from League of Legends on Friday. She looks so awesome and I hope I can portray a good version of her on Animecon.


The toughest one to make will be Fran. I really want to get the materials right. Therefore I'm going to play lots and lots of FFXII, then I'm going to stroll for days on the internet and at last I will be going to all different kinds of fabric shops. I think it will be the same process with the other two cosplays, because they are all videogame characters eventually, hehe.

If you haven't noticed they all have the same skin color which is kind of similar to mine. For Fran I will need a really long grey wig. For Fang I won't be doing anything special (lucky for me I can style my hair like hers with my own hair). For Nidalee I will need a longer hair piece to make the ponytail look bigger. The hair colors of Fang and Nidalee are equal to mine too, yaay!

I'm so stoked and can't wait for those two conventions to commence! If you are going to one of those conventions please let me know ^^? Are you going to cosplay? And if you are, as which character?

Thank you for reading! Until next time :)

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