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November Haul

Today I am blogging about my November haul! I'm gonna show you some things I bought this month. Also I will be telling you what I liked and what I didn't liked. 

For people who are subscribed to my youtube channel I want to apologize. I'm not making video's lately because my video editor decided not to work anymore. I'm so bummed! I was filming a lot the past months, but I can't edit anything right now. I hope a friend of mine can help me with it sooner or later. Then I will be making more video's for you guys :). This is my channel, if you were wondering: My youtube channel.

Now, let's begin with the haul! I mostly bought skincare, make-up and hair caring products.

I bought these pants in Amsterdam at Rivers Island. I'm really glad I bought those pants. They are so comfortable and formfitting. I love the color and they are so perfect for fall. Except the pants don't have pockets. It just looks like they have them. Click HERE for a better look.

I'm really in love with this blouse. I haven't worn it yet, because it's so pretty and I don't know on which occasion I should wear it either, theehee. I think I will wear it for Christmas :)! It's a sheer blouse with such gorgeous details on the shoulders. I bought it at the Gothic&Fantasy convention (read more about it HERE). The blouse cost me about 35 euro's. Did not expect that I would buy that there, for that price. I think it's rather expensive, but it's so pretty O_O. 

I bought this Long-shirt and animal printed legging at H&M. I wanted some new clothing just for chilling inside and I thought this was pretty good for that. At fist I wanted something else. I wanted a big blue sweater with colored leggings they had there, but they only had it in XS... And no I'm not an XS. Then I walked past this and I thought why not, it looks comfortable and kind of cute. It was about 15 euros together. 

At the "Van Haren" I bought a pair of indoor shoes. I really don't know what the word is in English..I know fail. They are superrrrrrr comfy and so cool. They look like allstar sneakers. I wanted some that would keep my feet warm, instead of my regular flip-flops.  

Chilling to the

Now for some other products..


I bought some new nail polishes. All are from essence. Two are nude glam nail polishes. You can't see it very clearly, but one is actually pinkish and the other brownish. I also bought a black one an a topcoat polish for that finishing look. It really helps. I will show you soon enough in my upcoming nail tutorials. The nail polishes are 1,69 euro each. They are pretty good if you ask me. I never buy expensive nail polish. I think it's pretty much a waste of money to do so. But that's just me hehe.

This is such a amazing product. If you haven't got the time to paint your nails with French nail tips, you just stick french nail tips onto your nails :). It works very easily and the result is really good! They absolutely don't make your nails look fake or whatever. I will make a tutorial on how to apply them soon.

I found a new eyeliner which is good and cheap! I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it certainly wasn't above 5 euros. It's from the NYC line. Never ever bought make-up from them, but in the future I will buy their eyeliner more often.

 I don't have much make-up.Some things that I have are like the essentials you need for a nice base.. mascara (eyeliner), blush, lipgloss/lipstick and foundation. But now that I am a girl who is experimenting more with make-up lately, I want to find out more about it. I came across this powder. It is a translucent powder from Catrice cosmetics that you apply after you are done with your make-up so it stays in place longer. The color of the powder is white, so I was kind of skeptic if my face would get whiter from it O_O, but it definitely works! It works really great! I used it once when I went out clubbing. My face didn't felt sticky or gross or anything, but soft and subtle the whole time.

This is Chanel foundation tester that they gave me when I bought a product at a store. Just saying, I going to buy this foundation! I never tested or had a brand named foundation, but this one made me change my mind into trying them. It's super good and covers very well.

This is a brow gel from Gosh and it cost around 8 euros. This is to get your brows in shape and to not get any stray hairs. It works good and your brows don't get sticky or clumpy at all. I always buy this one.

Because of me having a lot of acne I've been searching for product to reduce them. I bought a tonic and moisturizing creme from Clinique. They are anti-blemishing for clearing up the skin. I must say it's pretty aggressive, but ooooooooooohh myyyyyyy this stuff works good. I'm not saying my skin is as bright as a baby's butt, but I'm heading there... Haha. No seriously, this tonic and creme are really working for my complexion. The tonic cost me around 19 euros and the creme around 24 euros.

I will be showing you in a blogpost my progress from a bad skin to a not so bad skin.

When I want to refresh my face from a long day of school or just when I'm feeling icky, I grab a face wipe from Nivea. It cleans your face and makes your skin feel hydrated. This one is for the normal-oily skin. They also sell them for the sensitive skin and dry skin. It costs 3, 23 euros. Sorry for the bad picture.

This is Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mask, which smells like berries. It's smells really sweet. The color of the substance is pink. At first I thought it would be grey, because the packaging says "Mud Mask". When applied on the skin it may feel tingly. After using your skin should feel soft and renewed. I really like this one. It costed me around 8 euros.

These are purifying face and nose strips from essence. You apply them onto moistened skin and then let them dry for 15 minutes. Afterwards you carefully pull them off and all blackheads will be gone. Clean your skin well after using. It works well and I will be buying them more often. They are around 2 euros I think. 

I never have bought products from Therme. I immediately was interested when I saw a geisha on the packaging. It says that it is based on the skincare from geisha's. Pretty cool. It smells really nice too! Almost as if somebody just plucked blossom flowers from a cherry tree and put them in this tube. The tube on the right is a Shower Scrub. It's contains marine algae and mineral salts, so it's good for your skin. It also helps removing dead skin cells, making your skin soft and elastic and it hydrates the skin. Furthermore  it firms the tissue ans stimulates the metabolism. All great features! It smells fresh too. The Japanese Sento Shower Satin was 4,57 euros and the Thalasso Shower Scrub was 8,63 euros.

Some hair products..

I have tried this "Dry Shampoo" once, but I'm still wanting to try if it is effective. The first time I used it i made my hair stiff -_-. I will try it another time after sporting and sweating a lot. It should work like a shampoo, but without the washing.

 My favorite all time hair product <3. John Frieda anti-frizz hair serum. It works good. You just need a little and voila!!! You hair isn't frizzy anymore. (oke that's not completely true, on my hair it doesn't always work that way, but most of the times it does :)). It's around 14 euros I think. Overall this is a great product! It also protects you against heating the hair. 

 The two products above are hair products especially for curls. It's says "Perfect Curl". The first one is a mouse and the second one is a creme. I put a little of both on my hair and then a little bit of the anti-frizz formula from John Frieda, then I blow dry my hair. The creme costed me 2,59 and the hair mouse is about the same price. It helps your curls to be more bouncier and prettier. More put together.

Those were the products I wanted to share with you guys. I hope you liked it and found it interesting. Feel free to ask questions! Thanks for reading and see you soon :)! 

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