dinsdag 27 november 2012

Magazine look-a-like Looks!

I'm still busy filling up my fashion scrapbook. You can find my scrapbook HERE. Today I decided to create the looks I have in my scrapbook with clothes that I own. I used everything I could find in my closet. They don't look all quite the same, but that's why I call them look-a-like Looks! ^__^ Sorry for the bad quality pictures. I will be working on that.

Enjoy my 15 looks!
First picture is a very cute outfit. Underneath is my attempt.

I didn't had fur for my shoes so I put on a pair of thick socks instead. My heals are black, so I instead of a brown belt I used a black one to match. Both clothing pieces (the purple dress and the blue dress/vest) are from "New Yorker". The shoes are from a shoe boutique in Amsterdam. 

Sweet floral dresses with heels to combine.

Here I'm wearing the same dress from the first outfit. I put on some nude pumps from Primark. In the picture below I matched the dress up with some wedges from H&M.

As you can see this is Rihanna rocking such a cool dress/longshirt. I love this look. I don't have anything like that. A dress/longshirt I picked out was this one beneath. Same kind of edginess.

With this look I went crazy, lol. I love the boyish look of it.

I put on a blazer in the same color with a white blouse underneath. I tucked the blouse into my pants. The pants are from Jane Norman. To complete this look I put on my creepers and a pair of sunglasses.

This look reminded me of someone..


I tried to make it look more feminine here. I put on some white sunglasses and beige colored leggings from ONLY. To finish it up I threw on my nude pumps again. 

Next is a picture of a boy, but it got me inspired to make the look you see below.

Camo printed pants, brown/green colored blouse with black accessories. It's a pretty tough look and not girly at all. Really like this one.

This look is so sweet and innocent. It looks very simple too.

Underneath my black cardigan I am wearing a white sheer blouse. I put on some short jeans and paired it up with black sneakers. I made a bun out of my hair.

 This is a super casual look. Really for laid back summer days.

I just put on a grey band shirt and matched it with my grey sneakers. Some jean-shorts make this look complete. Very simple and still fun and comfy to wear.

I love long vests and this look! It's so sweet. It looks very casual and cute at the same time.

All my clothes, except for my shoes, are from H&M. I adore my brown high waist shorts. They are so soft and comfy. I matched the purse with my shoes.

This look instantly caught my eye. It's so edgy and suits here really good. My attempt is more of a goth look.

I have a long black skirt from Jane Norman on with a big belt over my waist. I searched for another band shirt and tugged it a little so a bit of my belly would show, just like kelly's. Shoes are my creepers again. I put on a black leather jacket from "New Yorker" to finish the look.

I'm not sure, but I think this is Madonna's daughter? Anyways I think this is a pretty cool and punky look. A look that says, mehhhhhhhhhh I don't care dude.

In my attempt to this look I used a green blouse (cuz i don't have a big red one) with a nirvana bandshirt underneath. They are both from H&M. I put an jean Gillette over it. I also put on some thick black leggings, also from H&M. I don't have Dr. Marten shoes or whatever you call those lol. Instead I threw on black booths. 

In the other pictures I have my high top sneakers on with studs on the sides. They also have platforms. I bought them at a local market area.

I like this one because it reminds me of a sexy archaeologist or something lol. The colors are so nice and combine so well. I didn't have the same color clothing so I used the color black as my base.

I put on shorts from H&M and a black top also from H&M. As you see they are sleeveless. I added a long necklace to achieve the same style.

For accessories I put on a black belt and flipflops with black details. My purse is also black and matches the rest of my outfit. 

Simple and clean. I'm not that into purses, but I have tried my best to match them with my looks, haha. I like the sheer blouse she has on. The details and neckline are so cool.

I put on some light colored jeans with a white loose and sheer blouse.I tugged the blouse in my pants to create the same kind of look. I used another purse, but I think this matched the outfit even better!

Loving this one! I'm really into casual clothing and looks. When I have chill clothing on, I feel chill. 

I have a sweater that looks like the one in the picture. It  has the same details like as if a blouse is sticking out underneath the sweater. But on this sweater the details of the blouse are already attached to the sweater. For my pants I picked out a khaki one. No jeans are going to feel as comfortable as those! 

So cute! It's not an hard look to achieve. A shirt and an blouse will just do fine, as you can see in my attempt of it.

My belt and shoes match each other. I went for a dark colors. A black skirt and black blouse with white details.

That was my last look. I think I'm going to do more looks in other blogposts. It's really fun to do! If you have tried or are going to try please let me know! I'm definitely going to check it out :).

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon again. I will keep my blog updated regularly. Have a great day! xoxo 

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