donderdag 1 november 2012

Gothic & Fantasy

Weekend finally arrived and so did the "Gothic and Fantasy beurs" in Holland! It's a convention for everybody who is interested in Gothic-, Celtic-, Fantasy-stuff. Also lots of things from the middle ages are to be found there. It's like a big market with people selling their goods. Their not-so-common-goods :). WHICH I LOVE! theehee.

I never go with a purpose. I buy my ticket at the ticket-booth, stroll around once, eat, stroll around twice, buy some candy and leave. If I find some cool things I will definitively buy them. I always save some money up for this, because you never know what you will find their the next time.  

Let me show you some pictures from how it looks like over there:

It has a bit of a dark feeling to it. Perfect day out for Halloween maybe? 

I didn't make such good pictures. I was kind of rushing by stuff and taking pictures as quick as possible.


Kawaii desu ne :D

Oh my..

I think spirits were with us that day. All those ghost dots...... 

There were bands playing also.

Ate some french fries with too much mayonnaise. 

Overall it was pretty fun and I'm definitely going next time. I will keep you updated with it. 

Now, for what I was wearing that day:

The sun was shining, but it was freaking COLD! 

Had my creepers on. (I'm still in love with those shoes) I was wearing one of my favorite panty's aka leggings -thing. It draws a lot of attention whenever I wear them. Don't see that much people wearing them (Holland is so boring with fashion). I was also wearing a green blouse/dress with a black skirt underneath it. 

The way I stare at the camera was because I didn't knew how to pose... Look a bit retarded lol. But the way I looked that day is what matters, haha.

Wearing my circle lenses from, called candy green. Looking very anime-ish.

I don't remember where I bought that necklace. I think it looks cute, in a tough kind of way, theehee.

Closer look of the lenses. For my make-up... I didn't do much tho. I always do my make-up the same way. Eyeliner, mascara, sometimes some eyebrow pencil and when I really want to feel fancy I put on foundation LOL. It's maybe because of my terrible skin and I'm (not yet) that creative with make-up.

Cute little hearts <3.


After a long day I finally came home and chilled my ass off. 

Lol, first time so much camewhoring pics!! :D Haha, I wanted to take more pictures with my lenses, because I don't wear them that often 0:-).

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