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Cosplay for Tsunacon 2013

Just to introduce you a little: "Tsunacon" is an convention based on the old and new culture from Japan. They offer everything that has to do with anime, manga, videogames, cosplay, music, martial art and a lot more! Visit their site HERE.

The first time I went to Tsunacon was actually in the beginning of this year, in February. HERE you can find my blogpost about it. It was so much fun and I really would like to go again. So, next year would be my chance again ^___^! On the 10th of February 2013 Tsunacon will be open from 10:00 am until 20:00 pm. 

But now my question is.. Who am I going to cosplay?!

Decisions, decisions.. It's always quite a big task to decide which cosplay you are going to wear. I'm not a pro or anything, but I really want my costume to be as realistic as possible. I make them myself also. It's much more fun to live through the whole process of making it until wearing it the day of the con. 

I have to characters in my mind at the moment. They are both from Final Fantasy. Let me show you:

Fang from FFXIII

Fran from FFX.
I think their both so awesome. It would be tough to make the costumes especially that from Fran. So I'm thinking to cosplay Fran on AnimeCon, which is later that year. I would have more time to make her costume then. On Tsunacon I would cosplay Fang, because her costume looks less harder to make.

They are both also brown skinned so they quite match me on that level, haha. And when I will be cosplaying Fang, I wouldn't have to do something extraordinary with my hair or buy a wig. When I will be cosplaying Fran I would have to buy a wig.

What do you think of the characters that I choose? 

In my next blog about Cosplay for Tsunacon I will make up my mind about which cosplay I'm going to pick. Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon here on my blog again!

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