woensdag 28 november 2012


I have purchased my first item from BlackMilk! Most of you must be wondering.. 'What is BlackMilk?' and 'What did you purchased?'.

BlackMilk is a freaking awesome, cool webshop from Australia that sells the most nicest stuff ever. Yes, but why is it so freaking awesome and cool? There are loads of other webshops that sells nice stuff, so why is this one any different?

Go check for yourself right >>>here<<< and sniff up all their awesomeness.They sell the most dopest leggings, dresses and swimsuits evaaaahh! Just by clicking on one of those on the site shows you their collection. It was meant to be for me to find out about this "walhalla".  

So, how did I found out about it? I saw this notification on Facebook. I saw that is was from a Cosplay fanclub thingie and I just randomly clicked on it. I took a look on their timeline and I saw someone uploaded some really beautiful pictures from a cosplayer. I, of course, clicked on the pictures and kept clicking and clicking through her awesome photo album full of cosplay pictures. Until I saw a dress that caught my eye instantly. I'm not going to show you some friggin' promdress or something even close to that. It's rather nerdie and sexy. Are you curious? Then take a good look:

I fell in love with this dress (and her).. It's soooo cool! And what made it even better, she linked the site of were she bought the dress! Lucky me! I thought it was just a one-time-made-dress for a photoshoot or something, but NO! It's purchasable at BlackMilk! You might think I'm nerdie as hell, but heyyyyyy ....well..... no I'm just really nerdie. It's R2D2 from starwars. I wanted to have it so bad no matter what price tag it had. So after three full days of deciding which dress I wanted (yes, there are more awesome dresses available!) I came to the conclusion: I WILL BUY ALL, but first let's purchase this one :). 

Here you can view the dress, if you want to. I ordered a size small today, because it's probably very stretchy material. 

When the dress arrives I will show you guys how it looks like! I think my next purchase is going to be the EWOK dress, theehee. Going to stroll through their leggings too 0:). 

Hope you liked this post! And maybe you will find your awesome dress or legging on their site. Thanks for reading :D Stay tuned!! Or do they just say that on television? I'm not sure. Okaaaay baaay!!

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