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Skincare - Acne

Most girls want to have flawless skin, don't you agree? I do and I'm definitely a girl who want's a flawless looking face. But not everybody is lucky to have it.. And I'm one of those too. 

Since high school I have a lot of acne on my face. At first it didn't bother me at all. I thought it would eventually go away. I wasn't that into make-up and beauty stuff either.

But there came a day that I looked into the mirror and thought: "Ohhhhhhh hellllll no! I really got to do something about this..". So I tried a few drugstore products, but nothing really helped. When I was tired of trying drugstore products I went to the doctor. He gave me some stuff for me to use and it really worked!! I was so happy. I finally had the flawless looking face I wanted.

A few years later I entered my first year of college or university or whatever I should call it in English, lol. After a couple of moth's my acne came back! I thought it would be temporary, but until this day on I still got it (I'm in my second year now.). 

I used the products my doctor recommended me again, but it looks like they aren't working for me anymore :(. Now my self-confidence is pretty low nowadays because of it. I know that sounds stupid, but it just really bothersome. I think it's because of stress and not sleeping good.

Now, I'm not only going to talk about me and my bad skin. I wanted to share tips with you guys on how to treat your skin the right way. Because mainly the problem lies inside of you and not on the outside. Factors that can create acne could be things you eat and drink, how much sleep you get, if you have stress, if you exercise or not and etc..   

Not will those tips only be helpful for me, but also for you guys! It will not only be for a moment in time, but make it your daily routine of some kind.

Let's get started, shall we!

1.Get enough rest!
Not getting enough sleep can definitely be a problem. It's recommended that you get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.This would be enough to let your skin regenerate itself. Letting your body get a good rest is truly going to help.

2.Reduce stress!  

What you certainly must not be doing is freak the hell out if you see bumps on your face. This will only make you feel worse (Trust me). Stress as less as possible. I know this is a hard task, but stress is mainly the first cause of getting zits.

 Reducing stress will help you feel better and it will eventually show in your skin. Make some time for yourself to do activities that make you calm down. Every healthy way of getting rid of stress is a good one. At least if it's for 30 minutes a day, you should be fine, hihi.

3.Eat good foods!
People always say that acne can't be caused by eating greasy foods or chocolate. Scientifically it is never been proven, they say. Still, I really think if you eat healthier, you will look healthier and your acne and zits will reduce themselves. 

Not everybody is the same, so, if I eat a bunch of chocolate I will see my skin react to it immediately, but if you eat a bunch of chocolate it probably not even make a difference! You should look for things to eat that improve you skin and not make it worse.

Eat lots of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grain products. They will strengthen your immune system. Also it will help to get rid of all the toxins in your body. Omega 3 and linseed oil are very good too! So just leave that chocolate bar alone, oke?

Last but not least, you may heard it everywhere... DRINK LOADS OF WATER! It helps cleansing your body.  

4.Take care of your skin!
If you don't treat your skin well, it may cause impurities. You have to make sure your skin is clean. Not only your facial skin, but your whole body. Don't exaggerate and wash your skin to much, because that may cause irritations and its bad for your skin. 

Washing your facial skin two times a day is enough. For example before you go to bed and when you get up in the morning.

After washing your skin, it's a good thing to put on some creme to keep your skin moisturized. Look for a day and night creme that fits you best.

You can also exfoliate  your skin once or twice a week to rub of all the dead skin cells. Your skin will feel very soft and nice afterwards. Also facial masks are very good to use once or twice a week.

5.Stop touching!
Your hands are a breading place full bacteria. Don't dare to touch your zits with your hands or squish them. This enhances the chance that you will get scares also. If you really can't stand it and you desperately want to touch your face.. clean your hands first and use some alcohol to reduce bacteria.

Not only will exercising reduce stress, it will also help to improve your blood flow. This way you will easily get rid of the toxins in your body. If you are exercising hard, you will sweat a lot. This is a very good thing, because you will sweat out all of your impurities. 

Make sure to take a shower after exercising. All your impurities and toxins will be washed away instead of sticking on your skin.

7.Be careful with make-up
Regular make-up will clog your pores faster than good quality make-up. Always choose make-up that suites your skin-type. If you have oily skin, do not use make-up with oil bases. It will only make your skin oilier and gross. 

Make-up which protects you from UV-rays are good. It will protect you from harmful sun rays and keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

So always check out the content of the make-up you are buying. Look up the benefits and ask for samples first, if they have them, so you can try it out.

Don't ever sleep with make-up still on your face. It will clog your pores even faster. Gently remove everything before going to bed with make-up remover. Your skin will be thankful for you doing so!

8.Clean your sheets and clothing!
When you are sleeping you lose toxins and bacteria on your bed sheets. It is recommended that you clean your sheets often enough by washing them. It's the same with hats or caps.

I'm still working on some of them. Some may work for you some will not. It depends on the person. You just have to try out what suits you best :).

A little something something I started using a couple of days ago is this wonder remedy, it was a tip from a classmate of mine:


This is actually a creme for baby bottoms, lolol. But it works so good on my skin! My acne on my face was instantly reduced just by using it once. I'm going to be consistent and use it for a couple of month's to see if it really works. For now it's my wonder remedy <3. If you want to know more about it just ask me! And if you are using it, what is your opinion about it?

I hope this blog was useful and helps you guys out ^^! I will be posting more blogposts very soon again :).

Thanks for reading! Goodnight everybody!

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