maandag 22 oktober 2012

Glossybox - September

My Glossybox from october arrived several days ago, I will be posting Glossyboy - October very soon! But this post will be on that from the past month theehee.! If you don't know what "Glossybox" is, go check out THIS post. 

Now, what did I found in my Glossybox? :)

This time the box was green instead of pink. 

There was gift card inside. I get a 7,50 euro discount, only if I purchase stuff with a price over 40 euro's.

I'm still loving how it is packed in for you<3. 

And now for the products....

Translation: In seconds you can create long and voluminous lashes with this High Impact Mascara. Number ONE from Clinique. The texture provides a rich and intensive color, what will make your look irresistible. 
My opinion: I don't like it that much. I used it once and then gave it to my mom, lol. It is not what I am used to.

Translation: A hydrating bubble: This serum hydrates and restores the skin. After using your skin should feel soft and fresh.
My opinion: The first time i tried it, it felt quite good on my skin, but it did not really make a difference for me. It did't really felt like it hydrated my skin.

Third product: BROAER - VITAL OIL

Yes, yes I know what you are thinking. "What the hell have you done with that bottle?" - I broke it T__T.... It was early in the morning before I had to leave for school. I was in a hurry and it flooped out of my hand and shattered on the floor *SadFace*. Luckily I could still use what was not mixed up with glass. 

Translation: A multifunctional oil for every hair-type, hands and body. A combination of 5 oils from 5 different continents (argan-, jojoba, olive-, macadamia-, and soja oil.) will hydrate, feed, restore and give a gorgeous shimmer.
My opinion: I LOVE THIS! It smelled nice and it did his job. It really worked for my hair. I have curls and this stuff tamed my frizzy hair immediately.   

Fourth product: ROBERTO CAVALLI - EAU DE PARFUM (sorry for the bad picture)
Translation: Roberto Cavalli belongs to the flower and amber scent-family. It's a exuberant and sunny odor which leaves a authentic, strong character. It's lively and sensual, stimulating and hypnotizing at first contact
My opinion: I think it smells nice. Not a scents that I would pick out to use, but I would mind to get this as a present or something, haha. It's almost like an unisex scents.

Translation: The classic, timeless SUN odor immediately gives you a happy, summer feeling. A feeling of energy, vitality and warmth that is created by the scents of flowery/ amber-ish nuts. This can be used during sunbathing without discoloration of the skin.
My opinion: I like Roberto Cavalli better. Not that this one is bad, I like this smell too. Either way, I'm more into sweet scents. Those odor that you would like to eat.

Sixth product: GLOSSYBOX - NAIL FILE
Translation: This GLOSSYBOX nail file ensures you from perfectly formed nails, perfect for manicures. 
My opinion: Just your regular nail file. The color is cute and it works how it should work :).

Seventh product: ORANGE SOAP - ZEST
Translation: A fruity and fresh soap which smell like an orange, based on vegetal ingredients. 
My opinion: It looks very simple, even so for the packaging. It smell nice too. Haven't used it yet. If it's super good, I will let you now.

That were my products from that months box. I am still upset, because I dropped the Vital Oil on the ground. Too bad.. It was my favorite. I am really considering of buying that product.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe made you curious about some products :). My next GLOSSYBOX entry will be up soon! 

See you next time , byebyeeee~

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