woensdag 5 september 2012

Galaxy note

I've got a new phone! Finally, I'm getting rid of my blackberry after two years. I'm not going to say that mobile phone was stupid. I've had a lot of nice memories with it lol, but it was just too boring I guess. 

I did not just get rid of it like that... Because I had still a month left before I wanted to get a new one. When I was at Abunai con ( see this ) my boyfriend sat on my phone after he putted it in his back pocket of his jeans. THE HUMANITY! I didn't notice it until we went  back to our hotel-room and I wanted to call my mother. The screen was white with a blueish spot in the left upper corner. 

I expected myself to be angry. On the contrary I had no emotion about it at all. Only thing that was annoying was that I couldn't call/text message/whatsapp anybody. 

A few days later a made a decision. A decision that would open up a new world to me. A new world of mobile technology O_O! Lol, a bit dramatic, but..

I bought a new mobile phone. This one:

Samsung Galaxy Note

Watch me unpack it theehee.

 Hello, cute little thing! Are you going to help me unpack?

Haha, I think so :).

So why didn't I bought the Samsung Galaxy SIII? It was a bit more expensive, but not only that. I think the note fits me more. It's like a mobile for artsy people and who like to take pictures and edit them. It can do much more than that tho!

I choose the white one. It's more girly and I also like white mobiles. My blackberry was white too. 

Now let's start opening the box.

Whoaa, I'm impressed already. 

It's a pretty huge phone.

It is almost as big as this milka chocolate bar... Damnit I would love to eat one right now LOL.

I'm very happy I bought it. No regrets! 

But, because of it being so big it's not a phone you just put into your pocket. You have to take good care of it and keep it in some save places also when you are traveling.

I also made an instagram account. Look me up: KasumiKriss. Here are some pictures I made with it:

I think watching movies on it when I travel is going to be so awesome :3. 

If you have more questions about this phone, just ask me!

Thanks for reading, more posts coming up!

byebyee ~

2 opmerkingen:

  1. nice phone *__* Thanks voor je comment op mijn wig post en nog bedankt voor je hug :'D die jij gaf in de bogaard best wel lang geleden inmiddels. Was very nice dat je helemaal binnen kwam in de ING haha om mij te greeten :P nice dat jij een instagram hebt. Ik ook binnenkort dan ga ik instagram vol spammen met pics :P Je hebt mooie sieraden in je sieradendoos *o*

    1. Thanks :D! Hihih ^__^ ja was alweer een tijdje terug en kon het niet laten toenXD. Geef me anders je account wanneer je hebt dan ga ik je meteen volgen! Ik ben er inmiddels helemaal verslaafd aan geworden -_-. En thanks ik ben gek op knopjes als oorbellen :3