zondag 16 september 2012

Cuz me so random

Good day everybody!
I was looking around on my computer and found some picture I took a long time ago. I thought, why not share them. I took them with my crappy nikon camera.

Here are some from like a month ago. You can tell by the nice bright weather. I miss the summer already, but heeeeeeeeeey, winter is coming soon. Can't wait for the holidays to start again..

 The zoom on this camera is not so bad tho. As you can see on the picture before this one, I was sitting on my balcony and zoomed in from that spot.

 I like the water drops on the leaves. Makes me think of tropical rain forests ^_^.

 A cool feature on my camera. You can choose whatever color you want and it pops out in the shot.

 LOL. Fake crocs I use them to walk around the house yesyes.

 All those shots were made with my nikon coolpix. It has all those features you see in the pictures.

This was my package send by Large. I ordered this: look HERE. Scroll down for a bit and you will see.

I enjoy drinking green tea. It is healthy, helps cleansing your body, has antioxidants and mucho more! 

My favorite mug. I bought this at Tsunacon. An anime convention here in Holland. Next year I will be going too ^_^.

It's from the anime/manga NANA. I've got a lot of manga's an DVD boxes from it. It's such a good anime/manga, I would recommend you to go and watch it :).

 More randomness. What you see are all torn pages from magazines and stuff of pictures that I like. I put the ones I like most in my scrapbook. I will keep you updated with it soon. Look at my scrapbook HERE. It was on the same post as my ordered clothes lol.
 Oh, my gosh. I almost never wear heels, but I bought them at Primark. They were so cheap and looked so nice! But I can hardly walk on them x_x. I am practicing tho hahaha. Sometimes I put them on and walk through my house until I am pro enough to use them outside.

Bought this too. They support you when walking in heels. So it hurts less I think lolol. Also bought it at Primark.

 As for this ring, FREAKING CHEAP! But so gorgeous. I really love the details on the side and the color of the stone. (Primark)

My favorite pair of shoes! I bought those creepers at New Look. I have never been there.... They sell for really affordable prices and I never knew about that store!!! (I know I am a n0000b)

They were like 35 euros. Not bad! They also walk very comfortable.

Enough with my randomness for today. More to come :3 Soon my second part of the Abunai post will be posted with more info and stuff. Also the video of part two will be uploaded on youtube. It has taken too long already..

Thanks for reading and have a nice day :) bubaaay!

woensdag 12 september 2012

My inspiration at the moment

I have never been so into fitness as I am now at this point in my life. I'm really motivated to achieving my goals more then ever. It's a great feeling.

Also eating healthier became a part of my everyday routine (not that I would say no to my precious pieces of chocolate theehee~). Combine those two, exercising and eating more healthier meals, and you will start feeling a lot better. Not only about your appearance, but also about your inner beauty. That is the most important goal for me. 

Why? Because, believe it or not, I struggle with a lot of insecurities. Most girls do. So I'm trying to make a sort of change in the ways I tend to think about myself sometimes. Only letting positive energy in :).

I really love the feeling after an intense workout ♥. 

Years ago I would say to myself: "Tomorrow, I will start eating healthier and exercise more!" 
Next day: "Okee, tomorrow I will really start." 
The day after: "Tggg, I can eat what I want... I will eat all chocolate that I want!! You know why? Because when you are older you can't eat it as much as when you are younger.." * starts eating chocolate bar* ....

Now I finally slapped myself in the face, got motivated and stayed like that. What I got back in return for it?
I lost some pounds, I have more energy now, more stamina and the best of all feeling better about myself.

It is fun how people start noticing you lost some pounds. I never see it myself haha.

And then this is how I feel: YATTAAAAA!

A lot of girls look into magazines and compare themselves with the models in there. They look at their flawless faces, skinny bodies, gorgeous hair... Now stop it right there!! Most of those pretty ladies are photoshopped to the fullest. Don't compare yourself with them. You have got to work with what you've got. 

So this are some of my inspiration pictures. No, I don't want to look like them! I just like the way they carry themselves. Most of them are sizes bigger than your average models you see in your magazines all day, but that doesn't matter to them. I like toned, fuller figures hehe, they kind of look more healthier to me:

Amber Rose

Melanie Iglesias ( She is a little bit thinner )


Kim Kardashian ♥_♥

Forgot her name, sorry.

Jessica Alba ( my fav actress )

Especially Kim and Amber have more flesh on their bones. I admire them for that. Because we live in a world with the media saying girls have to be thin to look beautiful. I thinks that's bullllllllll.....! :)

I would never wanna look like this: 

 I think she is very pretty, but waaaaaaaaay to skinny if you ask me.

It kind of scares me.. lol.

I just wanted to post this blog to let it out and maybe hope to change some peoples way of thinking. Because making a change starts with yourself. You have to put in the effort to accomplish things you want. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you liked this post. BTW, all those pictures aren't mine!

Have a great night/day :D bubaaaaay!

woensdag 5 september 2012

Galaxy note

I've got a new phone! Finally, I'm getting rid of my blackberry after two years. I'm not going to say that mobile phone was stupid. I've had a lot of nice memories with it lol, but it was just too boring I guess. 

I did not just get rid of it like that... Because I had still a month left before I wanted to get a new one. When I was at Abunai con ( see this ) my boyfriend sat on my phone after he putted it in his back pocket of his jeans. THE HUMANITY! I didn't notice it until we went  back to our hotel-room and I wanted to call my mother. The screen was white with a blueish spot in the left upper corner. 

I expected myself to be angry. On the contrary I had no emotion about it at all. Only thing that was annoying was that I couldn't call/text message/whatsapp anybody. 

A few days later a made a decision. A decision that would open up a new world to me. A new world of mobile technology O_O! Lol, a bit dramatic, but..

I bought a new mobile phone. This one:

Samsung Galaxy Note

Watch me unpack it theehee.

 Hello, cute little thing! Are you going to help me unpack?

Haha, I think so :).

So why didn't I bought the Samsung Galaxy SIII? It was a bit more expensive, but not only that. I think the note fits me more. It's like a mobile for artsy people and who like to take pictures and edit them. It can do much more than that tho!

I choose the white one. It's more girly and I also like white mobiles. My blackberry was white too. 

Now let's start opening the box.

Whoaa, I'm impressed already. 

It's a pretty huge phone.

It is almost as big as this milka chocolate bar... Damnit I would love to eat one right now LOL.

I'm very happy I bought it. No regrets! 

But, because of it being so big it's not a phone you just put into your pocket. You have to take good care of it and keep it in some save places also when you are traveling.

I also made an instagram account. Look me up: KasumiKriss. Here are some pictures I made with it:

I think watching movies on it when I travel is going to be so awesome :3. 

If you have more questions about this phone, just ask me!

Thanks for reading, more posts coming up!

byebyee ~

maandag 3 september 2012

Glossybox - August

Now, what is a Glossybox?

A Glossybox contains five travel sized beauty product. It can be anything. There will always be something different in it. Like make up products, cremes and even shampoo's. 

Every month you will get one if you join Glossybox. First you'll have to create your beauty profile. Based on this profile you will get certain beauty samples that will fit you the best. The price to get it is 12,50 a month. Not too bad, huh? You can even unsubscribe whenever you want too!

As the picture above says (I copied and pasted it) woman in over more than 15 other countries do this. For more information check out their site:  http://www.glossybox.com/  or the dutch version: http://www.glossybox.nl/

Let me show you what I got in this month's Glossybox.

It comes in this package. Cute already!

Inside the package you will find a box :).

Then you open it ....!!

Cuteness and girlishness never stops O_O.

You will find this with all the products inside of the box.

NICE! So let's start the review.

First product: KIEHL'S - LIP BALM #1
Translation: One of the worldwide favorites from Kiehl's costumers. It protects en offers intensive soothing on dry lips. I also includes Sun-protection factor 4.
My opinion: I love it! It really is soothing on the lips. Your lips will feel very soft en regenerated. It also had sunblock! LIKE!

Translation: This line of hair care products offers a  personal treatment on your own hairtype. The exclusively concentrated Zero Sulfate shampoo cleanses, nurtures and treats the hair mildly.
My opinion: I used it today. It smells nice and it does its job well. With most shampoo's you can't comb through your hair that easily, but with this one I pretty much can. 

Third product:  VERA VALENTI - CRAYON
Translation: An easy to use eye pencil with sharpener. For creating an intense look easily and accurate. This can be combined perfectly with the Vera Valinti eyeshadows. 
My opinion: I do not use eye pencils very often. I tried this one on my lower waterline and I must say it's a very good one. It doesn't smudge that much and gives a good intense look.

Translation: Eight perfectly matching color eyeshadows, ranging from chestnut brown to white. It comes with a light pink blush to create various looks.
My opinion: I never, ever use eyehadow. I'm not that skilled with it. I tried on the slightly orange colored one and I must say I very much like it. It stays on perfectly and the colors are so beautiful. I'm going to experiment more with it.

Translation: This professional brush has an elegant design and is specially made for GLOSSYBOX. It's made out of the best quality goat hair. The voluminousness brush can absorb big amounts of blush so you can apply it easily.
My opinion: I haven't used this yet. I think I'm not going to either. I'm giving it away in a goodiebag :).

My first experience with GLOSSYBOX was a very good one! I liked the products and I can't wait for next month's box. I'm really curious of what the box will contain then. 

Thanks for reading :) bubaay!