donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Walibi World

Almost a moth ago we went to Walibi World Holland! On the 16th of july it was, I guess hehe.

We went with three cars, because the group was very big. We gathered around 8:30 am. Sooo early hahaha. I woke up a lot earlier just to do my make up. What I didn't knew was that it would be eventually ruined by all the wind that was going to hit my face in the roller coasters. My eyes are very sensitive. I can't see that well and my eyes get wet very easily just by the wind. But that did not ruin all the fun tho ^_^. 

Arjana from Janaa's Blog edited this video of that awesome day! Be sure to check it out:

A whole lot of fun indeed :D!

The weather was so so so so nice, but later that day it started to pour! Too bad. 

In front of the entrance. 

Just inside of the park. Next to me Arjana!

I don't know why, but I had no emotion entering the roller coasters. Yes, I was laughing and deliberately screaming because I thought I was funny (in fact not so). Nonetheless, I wasn't frightened or anxious at all. I thought something was wrong with me LOL. In this picture the two boys screamed their lungs out! FOR REAL! Damn, I couldn't stop laughing because of them and then the ride ended with a snap of the fingers.

Aron playing with water. He tried to throw water at us. Luckily he failed!

 Jatin captured.

 I think this three pictures where we sit and eat at the table are so funny. Everybody has a different expression on their face and like minding their own business.

 This korean boy laughing at us.

After leaving the amusement park we craved for some good sushi! So we headed straight down to Scheveningen in The Hague for some good, goooood sushi at Kyoto Café. 

 Before that we played some arcade games. DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ADDICTS! Okee, not addicts, maybe only T__T.

Obviously I did not make the pictures haha. So a special thanks to Jill for making them :)!

It was an awesome, cool and especially FUN day! Can't wait for the next gathering. 

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Have a nice day everybody!

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