donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Sushi and Movie Date

Two days ago I went on a surprise date. We ate sushi at a sushi restaurant I've never been to, afterwards we went to see a movie. So I was kind of skeptical about it. I have been to a lot of sushi restaurants and found out which are good and which are not so good. (This is for the sushi restaurants in Holland of course, where I live hehehe)

I went to SHIZO all you can eat restaurant. A restaurant in The Hague. The interior was very cute with pinkish and purple-ish colors. It was very nice! They even had like a waterfall wall and the music was very calming. 

The food? It wasn't the best I have ever eaten, but it wasn't the worst either. There are delicious things in their menu and some things that I didn't really like. All I can say is it wouldn't be my first choice if I were to pick out a place for eating dinner. Overall it was a nice experience.

BF making his choices. 

First time Bubble tea at a sushi restaurant! Never saw this on a menu in other restaurants. NICE!

Love the colors.

After dinner we went to see a movie. We went to see Snow White and The Huntsman. Pretty decent movie, it was worth it to go. 

I don't like this bunny. I only like cute ones lol.

 Now that's a creepy picture of me. Decided to post it anyway. Just to show you how my bf loves to take weird picture of me. Never pretty.


Now to get back at him, some goofy pictures of him.

As you already noticed we were a bit bored.. We spent one hour waiting for the movie to begin. Lucky at Pathé there are PlayStation's to keep ourselfs busy.

 This is a pretty cool feature on my camera. You can choose a color and only that one will pop in the picture.
I still want a different camera tho.

I like this picture. It looks like little dancers are jumping up into the sky or something. The one on the right is leading them. lolol.

 Picked yellow here.

Picture before finally entering the room.   

More blogpost comming up so stay tuned! .. Uhm can I say that? Stay tuned..? Or is that just for television LOL. Either way Subscribe to my Blog so you will never miss a post hehehe.

Thanks for reading and see you soon :)


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