donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Pin up style bandana

I am excited I'm blogging again! Like I have said I've got a lot to show you all :) 

Today I have uploaded a quick Do It Yourself. I like pin up styles and this is an easy way to create one. 

Check out this video:

Let me know if this works out for you?

This is the outcome of it:

I made this a long time ago, but I almost forgot to upload it. Now finally it's on youtube.

This is my youtube account btw:
Subscribe! When I hit 50 subscribers I will give away a goodiebag with cute stuff. When I hit 100 I wil give away 5 random items to 5 random subscribers ^^. I will make a blogpost about it with more information.

I also have an Instagram account now. It goes by the name of KasumiKriss. With 2 S's yesyes. This was only because I've bought a new mobile phone! My bf sat on my blackberry -_-........... The screen is broken now. Luckily I am insured for damage so I hope I can get a new one.

Thanks for reading! I will keep you guys updated soon enough.


1 opmerking:

  1. very nice video<3 Je hebt een leuke creativiteit ^.^ hoe upload je een video zonder zwarte balken erin? Mijn video's hebben van die balken aan de zijkant van mijn video T_T so ugly! & yesh, maak ook een DIY legging =D en dan posten op je blogspot :3 zodat ik kan lezen XD