donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Miyako Tea - Japanese Green Tea

At the Japanese Markt in Leiden I bought a little bag of tea. It's Japanese tea to be exact.  Not just your regular tea. It actually won several times for being the best tea of Japan.

This is the tea that I'm talking about:

Pretty packaging. It was also vacuum closed, so it stays as fresh as possible!

I specially bought this to use it for making the tea. I didn't had one yet. It has a cupcake hanging on it, very cute.

Opening the package the air instantly escaped like: Shhhhhhhhuuwww. 

 I don't know how much I should put into it, but it looked like it was enough.

Hihi, delicious looking cupcake with a cute strawberry on it. 

I poured in the water. 

And there you have some good tasting tea. I like it! It has a good taste and it's very healthy.

Very short post, cuzz I'm very tired hehe going to sleep now :)


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