donderdag 30 augustus 2012

Pin up style bandana

I am excited I'm blogging again! Like I have said I've got a lot to show you all :) 

Today I have uploaded a quick Do It Yourself. I like pin up styles and this is an easy way to create one. 

Check out this video:

Let me know if this works out for you?

This is the outcome of it:

I made this a long time ago, but I almost forgot to upload it. Now finally it's on youtube.

This is my youtube account btw:
Subscribe! When I hit 50 subscribers I will give away a goodiebag with cute stuff. When I hit 100 I wil give away 5 random items to 5 random subscribers ^^. I will make a blogpost about it with more information.

I also have an Instagram account now. It goes by the name of KasumiKriss. With 2 S's yesyes. This was only because I've bought a new mobile phone! My bf sat on my blackberry -_-........... The screen is broken now. Luckily I am insured for damage so I hope I can get a new one.

Thanks for reading! I will keep you guys updated soon enough.


Abunai 2012 - Part 1


I'm back finally with loads of things I wanna show you. I've been absent for a while. 

I have been posting about Abunai ever since I was wondering which cosplay I should wear. Now I will show you a lot of footage from that weekend. After showing you all that I will talk about the good and less good things about Abunai in my opinion. This will be my first post about it. The second post will be uploaded soon enough. 

First thing first, THE VIDEO:

I will also upload the second part of it when it is done. Comment, rate and subscribe please ^^!

It's a long-ass video btw, so take your time to watch it. 

I stayed there for one night. Saterday, me and my bf arrived at Abunai and Sunday afternoon we left. Abunai was open from Friday 'til Sunday. So actually you could stay at the hotel for 2 nights! 

I must say it is very clever to organize such an event in a big hotel/complex like that. The whole hotel was booked full by cosplayers or people who came to visit Abunai. People who checked in on Sunday probably were shocked when they saw all those people dressed like anime characters. 

My main goal was to score a lot of cool things in the dealer room. My second goal was getting noticed by people there, hehehehe. I don't know for sure, but I never have seen a Miss Fortune cosplay here in Holland. Maybe there were but I haven't seen them yet! I read on the "Abunai aftertalk" forum that people are planning to cosplay her. I'm very curious of the outcome of it! Because it isn't an easy task.

This is a picture of me cosplaying Miss Fortune:

From far away my cosplay outfit looks pretty good. But to tell you the truth it wasn't that perfect. I didn't have a sewing-machine. I made everything by hand and did not even use a ruler or any kind of thing that measures. I'M A SUPER NOOB. Yes. 

On the other hand I was proud of myself when I finished my outfit ^__^. Except for my Neliel cosplay outfit I never made one by hand. Not that I have cosplayed that much (I'm tending on cosplaying more in za future.). This was my fifth time. I went to Chibicon 3 times, one time to Tsunacon and this was my first time at Abunai.

This is a random picture I found of myself on the internet:

Thank you for this picture! If you made this please tell me, so I can give the credits to you :). 

I have more pictures I want to show you. Some of them not yet, because I want to get them photoshopped. Just to make them pop out more! Hehe, enhance some features and the colors. I will post them too.

Here are some of the random pictures of that day:

Fixing my hat.


Yarimashita ^__^!

Now pose! *_*

And we were off to explore the convention.

Super smile :D.

OMG. That girl in the middle, she was so cute <3 Ahri also from League of legends!

I will show you in my second post what I bought at Abunai. I surprised myself that I didn't bought as much as I thought I would. Mehhhh, it's better for my wallet tho.

A stupid thing was that my skin was HORRIBLE and when I say HORRIBLE, it was indeed very HORRIBLE....

I don't know what the problem was, but precisely that weekend my face was on it's worst. I'm allergic to the sun so I get rashes only on my arms. For the first time in all my life I got it on my face, back, stomach, cleavage, and legs -_-..... Not that it was very noticeable, but on my face it unfortunately was :(. 

I wanted to cover it up with make up. BAD CHOICE! My face only got worse. The second day I looked like an old lady. Gladly I learned a lesson out of it. From now on I will look very carefully what I put on my face. I'm going to do a lot of research on foundations and stuff. Also on day and night cremes. 

And when your skin is damaged, minimize or don't put make up on at all. It will only make it worse. I'm talking out of experience. Now my skin is regenerating and I'm hardly putting on foundations. 

Oke, oke enough about my skin hehe. It luckily doesn't show in pictures. 

Oeh, I found this picture also btw:

She was cute. Really like her outfit.

Now that was all for my first post. More to come in the second one! Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon :).

woensdag 15 augustus 2012

Fireworks - Scheveningen

Hello there! I have been away for a while again, sorry for that. But here I am and finally posting again. I have been quite busy lately, but I tried to capture a lot of fun things on my camera and I am willing to share it with you. :)

The past weekend I went to Scheveningen with a bunch of friends. It was a lovely day and the sky was so clear and blue. Before I went to Scheveningen I first went to "De Haagse Markt" here in The Hague. I was looking for fabrics for my cosplay outfit ^__^! I found what I was looking for luckily and some more hehehe.

I bought shoes there. They really caught my eyes *_*<3.

Afterwards I went home to change. Then me and my bf went to pick up some friends, because we were heading to Scheveningen. We met up with others and enjoyed our nice evening. Here is a video of that day:

It's not a good edited video. I had to make it again and again because my laptop crashed. Didn't feel like making a video of it anymore lol. But then I found the spirit and made it anywayssss.

Here are some pictures:

Us sitting at a lounge.

 The place were we watched the fireworks.

We all were wearing red for somehow. We didn't arrange something on everybody wearing red. Coincidence?

We looked like a dance crew indeed! LOL. 

I enjoyed this evening a lot. It was really fun and we laughed a lot. A perfect summer night.

Thanks for reading ^__^! Have a great night :)

donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Walibi World

Almost a moth ago we went to Walibi World Holland! On the 16th of july it was, I guess hehe.

We went with three cars, because the group was very big. We gathered around 8:30 am. Sooo early hahaha. I woke up a lot earlier just to do my make up. What I didn't knew was that it would be eventually ruined by all the wind that was going to hit my face in the roller coasters. My eyes are very sensitive. I can't see that well and my eyes get wet very easily just by the wind. But that did not ruin all the fun tho ^_^. 

Arjana from Janaa's Blog edited this video of that awesome day! Be sure to check it out:

A whole lot of fun indeed :D!

The weather was so so so so nice, but later that day it started to pour! Too bad. 

In front of the entrance. 

Just inside of the park. Next to me Arjana!

I don't know why, but I had no emotion entering the roller coasters. Yes, I was laughing and deliberately screaming because I thought I was funny (in fact not so). Nonetheless, I wasn't frightened or anxious at all. I thought something was wrong with me LOL. In this picture the two boys screamed their lungs out! FOR REAL! Damn, I couldn't stop laughing because of them and then the ride ended with a snap of the fingers.

Aron playing with water. He tried to throw water at us. Luckily he failed!

 Jatin captured.

 I think this three pictures where we sit and eat at the table are so funny. Everybody has a different expression on their face and like minding their own business.

 This korean boy laughing at us.

After leaving the amusement park we craved for some good sushi! So we headed straight down to Scheveningen in The Hague for some good, goooood sushi at Kyoto Café. 

 Before that we played some arcade games. DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION ADDICTS! Okee, not addicts, maybe only T__T.

Obviously I did not make the pictures haha. So a special thanks to Jill for making them :)!

It was an awesome, cool and especially FUN day! Can't wait for the next gathering. 

Thanks for reading my blogpost! For more add me below to stay updated ^_^

Have a nice day everybody!

Click the image to open in full size.

woensdag 8 augustus 2012

August Beauty Haul

Sundays are so relaxing, most of the time don't you think? I think so :). Most people are free from whatever obligations they have and they can just enjoy their day. Finally my last Sunday was one of those days. 

I went to "Leyweg" here in Holland. It's a small shopping center in The Hague. Nothing special tho. I was looking for some products that I needed, but I left with more than I expected!

In a drugstore called "Etos" I bought this:

I was searching for some facial masks. I always buy those single packages. If you are buying it one time it's cheap, but when you always buy those single packages it will be more expensive then buying a tube full of that goodness instead. So I bought two tubes for face masks of Montagne Jeunesse. One that's called Dark Chocolate. It's a deep cleansing mud mask. I always buy that one in sachet (a single pack) and it's so nice I almost want to eat it!

The other tube or tottle, whatever you like to call it, is called Tropical Peel Off also from Montagne Jeunesse. I'm not sure if I ever tried this one in specific, but I know that peel off's are pretty nice too. It's a very light feeling substance and after 15 of 20 minutes of letting it sit on your face it will feel like you are a plastic doll lolol. Kind of like this:

After you peel your mask off (Yes this works great!) it will feel as if you have peeled of your old skin and you are left with fresh new skin!

The Taft Curl Balm I have never used before so I'm very curious about how this will help my curls to stay nice and smooth haha.

The hair-repair mask is from Schwarzkopf, Gliss KUR. I think I used this once, but I somehow can't remember anymore. I hope this product helps to maintain my hair to be healthy and all. I am trying to let my hair grow so I'm treating my hair as good as possible and trying different kinds of brands to look what suits me best. Eating well and healthy helps a lot also! Don't forget :).

I picked out a random nail polish color also. It kind of a dark red/brownish one. I think it looks sophisticated and very pretty. Not expensive at all! 
 I also bought this. I really love this brand and I love how all their products smell! I LOVE COCONUT YEAH! This is a package with hydrating cleansing wipes. It cleanses and softens the skin, as you can read. It works good. The only thing is that the wipes are really moist so you are left with very moist hands. 

The people who know me well know that I really like objects in the shape of frogs hahaha. Everything with a froggie on it like this makes me go:

And indeed it's a lunchbox. It's useful for school and NO I don't think this is childish at all hehe. Better that to put your food in a plastic zzzzzzzzzakje (sexy word, if you know what I'm talking about, no? watch this). Plastic bag in English :3. Bought this at BLOKKER.

Normally on Sunday almost every store is closed. But on the first Sunday of the month the shopping center Leyweg is open. Everywhere you see little stands where people sell stuff from clothing to make up. 

The brown eyeliner is from miss sporty. I like the black one from Miss sporty also but they don't seem to sell them anywhere anymore.

I found a stand were every product was 1 Euro. Couldn't walk past it. Everything I bought at that stand you can see in the picture above.

I don't recognize this brand FOGAN but there were a lot of FOGAN items there. Just looked it up on the internet. They say everything is 0.99 euro O_O go check! 

I haven't tried them out yet, but soon enough I will and show them in some youtube video's . They are crack nail polish by the way. Very cool. I also like the colors.

FOGAN nail polishes.

I thought this was a sweet pink color for blush. I tried it out and it was very sweet indeed.

I'm not that into make up, but I'm doing my best in learning more about it and practicing with it.

This is an eye pencil also from FOGAN. Didn't tried it out yet. I don't expect much from it either. But we will see haha.

I found this lash curler also for 1 euro. I have one from Miss Heleen. I thought it was a good one, until I used this one from Meng Lu.   

I know this might be a cheap-ass curler, but it works great for me! Better that the one I had. Now I can understand those beauty gurus on youtube when they are talking about to invest in a good lash curler! From now on I will be upgrading my lash curler.

Before curling.

After curling. WOW!

SO LONG GAYBOY, gonna throw this lash curler away now.

Finally three lipsticks from Rimmel. In stores you buy them for 10 euro's, there I bought them for 1 euro x_x. Actually everything was only 0,90 cents...!! I could pick 11 items for 10 Euro's!

This are the colors that I picked out:

I really love Nude colored lipsticks!

That was all! I hope you liked it? Now I will update my music on my mobile so that I can work out good at the gym lol. :D
Have a wonderful day! Bubaay!