zondag 29 juli 2012

Superhero Nail tutorial + random things

The weather is so nice and I really want to chill outside, BUT I cant. So why can't I? On Tuesday they pulled two wisdom teeth out O_O. Did not suspect that afterwards it would hurt like hell... OUCH! I'm on my couch like this all day, every day:

....Naaahh, I wish I could be that cute.

It was more like this T__T:

(found the pictures on google btw)

But I'm getting better each day :).

Now, on to my new nail tutorial. Did not make one in a while. I was bored today, so then you get lucky and can watch a new video I made ^__^:

I picked out some random logo's from Marvel and DC. I think it turned out quite nice. On purpose I made the video without any color. That is because people who watch the video can make it their own and work with color they like, without comparing it. If you get what I mean? 

Also I made it very easy. So without a lot of details. I just contoured the logo's by only using one color.

Glitter Graphics | http://www.graphicsgrotto.com/
Hhmm I forgot this dude, hahaha.

So as I told I had a very boring day again, but relaxing :). A friend of mine came and trimmed my hair lol. It was badly needed, so I was very thankful for that. 

 Watching the Olympic games today.

My coffee avec caramel <3 SUPER GOOD!

Laptop on all day long, waste electricity lol.

Made some weird pictures today. I was experimenting with my crappy camera:

Kinda like this one tho. 

Today I received a ring I had ordered from additudeholland.nl. And guess who's logo this is? 

Pretty cool, isn't it? Wonder Woman two finger ring!

Too bad it's a tad to small, but I'm going to make the ring a bit bigger so it can fit me properly, haha.

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