dinsdag 31 juli 2012

2NE1 world tour?!

I know I'm a little bit late with this news. A lot of people know it already, but let me say it just one more time..





Okee, okee... Let me calm down....
Like a moth ago my boyfriend told me about it. I was at school that day and I freaked the hell out. Immediately I started up a random PC and melted.

I don't think they will come to Holland. The concert would rather be held Paris or London I guess. But I will go there no matter what it takes. lololol. Never been such a fangirl for a long time.

This is another video.

This is one of their new songs. Really like it :).

About their new looks. It think Sandara has got a super fresh cool new haircut. It's so awesome and daring. Fits her name.. daring.. Dara. DARING DARA!!!.. ok.

Here are some pictures with their new looks:


These pictures are from their latest single I LOVE YOU:

The touring dates that I have found:

The dates for in Europe aren't on there yet. I can't wait until they show them. Tickets aren't that cheap, so I'm going to save some money up for it. Also need money for traveling.

When I know more about the touring dates for in Europe I will let you know as soon as possible!

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Sneak-peak-Cosplay & BF gifts

In one of my previous blogpost I said that for Abunaicon my cosplay is going to be: Miss fortune from League of Legends (read: this). I'm already busy with making my costume. Now I don't really have a lot done yet, because I need a lot of fabric to complete the outfit. When my outfit is done I'm going to make the attributes. Like the guns and gigantic hat she wears. 

A few weeks ago my wig and circle lenses were delivered. The wig is pretty good. Very long, what I loooveeee. I really want long hair like that T__T. The circle lenses are from  http://www.pinkyparadise.com/ . I ordered the Candy green ones from EOS. I'm going to make a review on them soon. Actually I don't know the eye color of Miss Fortune, but I thought green eyes always fit red hair. 

I've only upgraded the bra a bit. It had pink colors, but now only white and brown. It's going to look like this:

Bit blurry sawwy.

The pants that I am wearing are leather pants. I only need to color them with a brown textile paint. Here are some sneak peak pictures:

It's going to get much better then this hehehehe.

Change of subject.

My boyfriend went to Paris with his family for a few days. He had a great time. He brought me some gifts that I really didn't expect at all!

This is something typically French. Their called Macarons. I never have eaten them so this would be my first time! 

They look very delicious :3. 


This is an example why I hate my camera. I just can't get it to focus correctly. Even trying macro en close up stands just aren't working. Gaaaaaaay. I have a nikon coolpix thingie so if you have the solution for it, please tell me :)

A New Era cap. Love the color.

A time ago he gave me some hello kitty items:

I wanted this hello kitty mouse for soooo long! Sorry for the hair on it LOL. But it's so cute omg omg omg!

It even gives light. Super awesome.

Hello kitty nerdie glasses. 

And he gave me hello kitty earings. Didn't make a picture of them yet, but they are pretty similar to this pic.

After all the cuddling and snuggling we order pizza and B&J. I didn't eat pizza, only the icecream hehehe. We watched Uncertainty. This was my second time, but now I understand the movie more. 

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maandag 30 juli 2012

Pokémon nail art - Greatball

I'm really glad I'm blogging more often now. Not only because it's fun, but I also can practice my English. Because my English writhing skills suck, donkey ass. Uhu, that's right. 

I hope you like my last nail art youtube video :)? Today I made a new one! I thought it was super cute. Normally I make standard Pokéballs on my nails, but this time I made a greatball. Hahaha yes a greatball:

This balllllll

This it how it looks like:

What do you think about it?

Here is the tutorial. On my youtube channel:

Rate, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching ^___^

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zondag 29 juli 2012

Superhero Nail tutorial + random things

The weather is so nice and I really want to chill outside, BUT I cant. So why can't I? On Tuesday they pulled two wisdom teeth out O_O. Did not suspect that afterwards it would hurt like hell... OUCH! I'm on my couch like this all day, every day:

....Naaahh, I wish I could be that cute.

It was more like this T__T:

(found the pictures on google btw)

But I'm getting better each day :).

Now, on to my new nail tutorial. Did not make one in a while. I was bored today, so then you get lucky and can watch a new video I made ^__^:

I picked out some random logo's from Marvel and DC. I think it turned out quite nice. On purpose I made the video without any color. That is because people who watch the video can make it their own and work with color they like, without comparing it. If you get what I mean? 

Also I made it very easy. So without a lot of details. I just contoured the logo's by only using one color.

Glitter Graphics | http://www.graphicsgrotto.com/
Hhmm I forgot this dude, hahaha.

So as I told I had a very boring day again, but relaxing :). A friend of mine came and trimmed my hair lol. It was badly needed, so I was very thankful for that. 

 Watching the Olympic games today.

My coffee avec caramel <3 SUPER GOOD!

Laptop on all day long, waste electricity lol.

Made some weird pictures today. I was experimenting with my crappy camera:

Kinda like this one tho. 

Today I received a ring I had ordered from additudeholland.nl. And guess who's logo this is? 

Pretty cool, isn't it? Wonder Woman two finger ring!

Too bad it's a tad to small, but I'm going to make the ring a bit bigger so it can fit me properly, haha.

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vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Hello Kitty - Ladies Night

Last monday I went to SET Genki Tei Japanese Casual restaurant for a Hello Kitty Ladies Night. I was invited by a sweet friend of mine who also works there. The event was for everyone who's interested in Hello Kitty or just wanted a fun ladies night out. The tickets for entering the event were only 2,50 euro's. So,  that's not bad at all! 

I will show you some pictures of that day:

She invited me :3

The food was very cheap and delicious!


Me eating someeeeeeesomesome

Cool decoration in the restaurant

You could get a temporary tattoo of Hello Kitty of course ^__^

All the waitresses were dressed like this. Very cute.

Even the restroom was cute. But it's always like that. Feeling all girly every time you walk in there hehe.

Look in the right corner below. Hahaha cute little girl was looking curiously at what we were doing.

 More food!!!

Sake. Very girly sake if you ask me hehe.

Delicious and cute!

There was a contest on who design the best cookie. Check it out here:  https://www.facebook.com/Dames.nl/app_158086484245654 Vote for 31 or 32 please!  :D I think you have to like the page first.. If you don't have problems with that. 

After making these cookies we threw them away. It didn't taste that good with all the decoration on it XD.

Getting a liptattoo. The idea of it of was super. But unfortunately it didn't stick so good on my lips. 

They first put on a sort of glue onto your lips. After it dries for a bit they get a long strip with the color that you prefer and stick it onto your lips. Then they pull it of just like you are waxing and the results should be like the lady you see right between the arms of the girl on the picture, lol.

At the end of the night they gave a goodie bag. This what was in it:

I already ate the chocolate that was in there lol. Found some advertisement in the bag as well.

At 9 o'clock there was a fashion show. I don't have pictures of it... But is was okee, not really my personal taste, but there were some pieces that I was fond of. Aslo, something embarrassing happened during the fashion show. No, not by one of the models...... I was standing there minding my own business, drinking my drink, looking at the fashion show. Then I nonchalantly took a zip of my drink and I choked X__X. It was very awkward, because it was almost silent during the show and I was like: *COUGH COUGH COUH cough cough COUGH*  x_____x.....

But overall it was a great and fun night :).This was the first time this was organized and I hope they keep on doing it. 

Thanks for reading and hope to visit my blog next time! For more fun visit my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KasumiKriss?feature=mhee

Bubaaay !!!!