woensdag 16 mei 2012

Circle lenses: Candy brown from EOS

For the first time I have ordered lenses at www.pinkyparadise.com. I really needed them for a cosplay I was doing. Unfortunately some things happened and I couldn't wear them for my cosplay. Nevertheless, I have them now and I can tell you this: They are awesome!MyEm0.Com

I don't own much lenses or tried a lot of circle lenses.. so I can't really judge about which are better, but the Candy brown circle lenses are really comfortable and so pretty. I don't think they are for everyday use, but that is my opinion. 

For people who are interested, take a look at this video for more detail about how they look:

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Here are some pictures from the video:

 There are a lot of colors you can choose from. 

 This was in the package. You get a free lens holder with your order! Isn't it adorable?

Unpacked the red thingie and: TADAA! There are the lenses. 

As you see they are from E.O.S.

 They are quite simple, but still look great when wearing. It is just a black ring with some color next to it. The color gets less when going inwards.

 Without flash.

With flash.

Without the lenses.

Bigger eyes in just a matter of seconds! Suitable for every occasion you'd like :). The reason I said that I won't wear them everyday is because it isn't very good for your eyes to use them every single day! And when you wear them, it is considered wearing them for 8 hours maximal, because your eyes may get dry or irritated. Also maybe because they are really noticeable and big. So you instantly get a very doll-eyed-look.

Now, be careful with your eyes, they are the only pair you have. lol. 

If you have any further questions be free to ask! 

Thanks for reading!

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