zondag 13 mei 2012

Amsterdam - Shopping day + a quick haul


On the 4th of may I went shopping with Choihai Li. (You can find her blog here.) We agreed to meet each other at 12 o'clock in Amsterdam. So I was up early, because I happen to have the habit of always being late every were. So when I arrived at the train station (sprinted very fast from home to the station) the train just left seconds ago so I had to wait 15 minutes. BUT, because I was such a smart girl that day I already planned to get a train earlier. So it wasn't a problem missing the first train, because I would arrive  3 minutes past 12 with the next one. I thought I saved my ass. 

Then I sat down and wanted to play some games on my mobile phone. I reached for my pockets and noticed that I forgot my phone at home..*facepalm*. I had to go back to my house, get my phone and walk back to the train station again. Worse things happened from there on, but I'll spare you the details and continue with the fun stuff ^__^! (although I was late *sadface*)

We visited a lot of cool stores and we have seen so much kinds of clothing styles. Although the streets were filled with people, we walked pretty relaxed. Unfortunately we didn't visited all the stores we wanted to the due the time we had left. The stores closed kind of early. That was because is was "Remembrance of the dead" day in Holland. Also we went to a birthday afterwards.

We are thrilled to go shopping again in Amsterdam. Until then we have made this video for you guys to watch:

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Here are some pictures of the stuff that I bought:

Left ear is you can see my new earing. I really love wings and a dude at my school wears wings also.

 Just for 5 euro's at Rivers Island.

 This cutie I bought at claire's for only 4 euro's. Could not resist!!

 Kawaii de su ne?

 This thingy I didn't show in my quick haul. I bought this basic, strapless shit at H&M for 5 euro's. 

I really love T-shirts like this. It was 15 euro's at H&M and it fits nicely!

Choi bought herself a pretty jeans jacket at Bershka!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blogpost. It took a while, but I'm really trying my best with updating frequently :). And If somebody knows a nice store in Amsterdam, please tell me. I will be shopping there next time too.

  Thankyou, have a nice day!

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