vrijdag 3 februari 2012

Voetbalmodel 2011

Soccer Model 2011   Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

In 2011 almost 500 girls entered a model contest. Not just some model contest, but a "Soccer Model" contest.  I also entered the contest. I did not had my hopes up that much because there were a lot of pretty girls who already had experience with fotoshoot's. I didn't. 

On the site you could upload your pictures and tell people why you want to win and why people should vote for you. Sooo, that's what I did:

This is their site by the way: http://www.voetbalmodel.nl/Home.html

When you enter the contest you have to choose you favorite soccer club. My favorite from Holland: 


Every week people could vote for you. The best way to make a lot of people vote for you, is to promote yourself! So that's what I did.. I sent al of my friends on Hyves and Facebook messages and asked them to vote, vote and vote. Every week, yessss indeed! So I'm very sorry for the people who thought I was spamming and found it annoying and stopt voting for me *catches breath* but lucky for me I had won a photoshoot thanks to the people who kept on voting every week!*smileyface*. Along with 11 other girls!

Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

I never had a photoshoot so I was very curious about it. Did not know how I had to pose or anything, but just went and did my thang lol. The pictures of the photoshoot were for a calender. So here are some picture's of that day. As you can see there were 3 other girls.
*from left to right*: Kristel (me) Charlene, Rachel and Silvana.

 Made with a mobile phone camera.

Other pic's

This were made after. Had a LOT of make up on!

 And now, the calender picture *drumsssssssss*:


               The calender  

                Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

I think it looks cool! Thanks to the photographer: Chris Lans and the person who did the make up was: Daisy Venix.

I had a great experience and hope some day I may do it again!

Thanks and have a good day ^___^!

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