zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Hello Kitty in The Netherlands

My first post again in such a long time~

I'm going to blog about a museum I went to. Not just your ordinairy museum with ordinairy paintings, statues and other thingies.

I went to a Japanese museum called: SieboldHuis. You can visit it in Leiden. In the Netherlands of course. Every now and then they have different themes. Last summer they had the very first exhibition of Hello Kitty. It was alsow the very first in the Netherlands.

I'm going to show pictures of that day I went. 

Lucky for me and my mom there also was a lot going on in Leiden and full of people.
It's called: "Het Leids ontzet" and it has a whole history attached to it.

My mom.

And me.


yea, weird face.

But I liked the view very much~ 

We entered the museum! ( If you see blurry pictures, this is because my mom took them -_- )

On the left you see a kitten named: Charmmy. Hello Kitties dady gave this kitten as a gift to Hello Kitty. She is a persian kitten and just as Hello Kitty it wears a bow on her left ear.
In the middle you see a cat named: Chococat. He got this name because of his chocolate brown nose.
On the right side you see another creation named: Little Twin Star. But my mom blocked the

Another blurry picture! I'm 7 apples tall as you can see. Hello Kitty is only 3 and a half apple tall :3.

Three picture's of lolita girls in Japan. They are dressed in Hello Kitty accessoires.

The next pictures you will see are collections of people who collect everything of Hello Kitty.

A lot of cute things! Even tho it wasn't that big or as good as I expected, I liked to watch everyhing.

Then, on my way home.. Had a fun day!


As you know I love Hello Kitty stuff. I think some of you would like to see this:

Some telephone cases I've got ♥.

And a cute Lunchbox I now use for school haha.

Hope you enjoyed watching! :)
Thanks and I will post soon again!

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