zondag 29 januari 2012

Red lipstick

Hi there!  

This post is about lipstick. Not just some lipstick, but
red lipstick. :)

First of all, a lot of women assume they can't wear red lipstick. They think that not just anybody could wear it. Now that's not true! I'm going to tell you why ^^.

First of all you have to pick the right color. I know this can be very difficult and you don't want to waste your money on something that you'll eventually never use. 
Pick a shade based on your skine tone. If you have a warm skin tone go for a goldish warm red shade and if you have a cool skin tone choose a blue-based red shade. 

If you are putting on red lipstick, it's gonna draw a lot of attention to your lips. So make sure you keep your eyes and cheeks subtle. If you put on to much make up on your eyes and cheeks AND put on red lipstick you could end up looking like this:

No just kidding, but I hope you do get my point. 
Keep you make up soft when you are going to wear red lipstick. For example:

Lipstick won't last all day and you will have to look out it won't smudge either. A lipliner will prevent it much more. Lining your lips will also make them plumper. 

Some say it's better not to paint your nails red if you are wearing lipstick, others say it fine! I think it depends on your taste.

Sooooo.... I also wanted to have red lipstick, but didn't know if I could pull it off. I searched on the internet for tips and bought myself this:

I made these pictures with my blackberry, that explains the quality lolol.
I'm very happy with what I bought. At first when I tried it, I thought: "OOH NOO, this looks AWFUL!" But know I think it looks "OK!" :) Take a look yourself:

First I lined my lips of course..  Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

Then I filled them with the red lipstick.  Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

 As you can see I've kept the rest simple by only adding black eyeliner, black mascara and some eyebrowpencil shizzle.

And then I went to the dark side...  Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net hahaha. Very diffrent look if you tell me.

And there I was eating *omnomnom*. I had to fill in my lips with the red lipstick right away, so if you want a long lasting red lipstick don't choose this one!! 

When I looked into mirrors after a few hours that I put on my lipstick I only saw my liner and a bit of lipstick, akw.... Yeah but overall I really like the products and the lipstick smells really nice too. lol.

If somebody has any tips or something please share them!
Thanks for reading :)

Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net   Domo arigato ~

zaterdag 28 januari 2012

Hello Kitty in The Netherlands

My first post again in such a long time~

I'm going to blog about a museum I went to. Not just your ordinairy museum with ordinairy paintings, statues and other thingies.

I went to a Japanese museum called: SieboldHuis. You can visit it in Leiden. In the Netherlands of course. Every now and then they have different themes. Last summer they had the very first exhibition of Hello Kitty. It was alsow the very first in the Netherlands.

I'm going to show pictures of that day I went. 

Lucky for me and my mom there also was a lot going on in Leiden and full of people.
It's called: "Het Leids ontzet" and it has a whole history attached to it.

My mom.

And me.


yea, weird face.

But I liked the view very much~ 

We entered the museum! ( If you see blurry pictures, this is because my mom took them -_- )

On the left you see a kitten named: Charmmy. Hello Kitties dady gave this kitten as a gift to Hello Kitty. She is a persian kitten and just as Hello Kitty it wears a bow on her left ear.
In the middle you see a cat named: Chococat. He got this name because of his chocolate brown nose.
On the right side you see another creation named: Little Twin Star. But my mom blocked the discription....lol.

Another blurry picture! I'm 7 apples tall as you can see. Hello Kitty is only 3 and a half apple tall :3.

Three picture's of lolita girls in Japan. They are dressed in Hello Kitty accessoires.

The next pictures you will see are collections of people who collect everything of Hello Kitty.

A lot of cute things! Even tho it wasn't that big or as good as I expected, I liked to watch everyhing.

Then, on my way home.. Had a fun day!


As you know I love Hello Kitty stuff. I think some of you would like to see this:

Some telephone cases I've got ♥.

And a cute Lunchbox I now use for school haha.

Hope you enjoyed watching! :)
Thanks and I will post soon again!