donderdag 4 augustus 2011


So I saw this on youtube and went CRAZY!

No I don't speak korean, but I definitly knew what they were talking about.... And what I litterally did was I jumped on my bed, almost fell of because of jumping on it very dangerously, then made some weird-ass moves infront of my mirror and sang: NAEGA JEIL JAL NAGA! Until my throat got sore.

After that spazzing time I went to search on facebook for friends who would join me to compete with me in this contest. I'm a huge fan of those girls and this was opportunity for me to meet my idols. Because the first prize is going to their very first solo concert. And like who wouldn't go O_O?!

So I gathered 3 dancers named: Camen, Jeaninne and Pewitra. Who love 2NE1 too. So in less then an eye blink they were there to help me out! (ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but they really wanted to participate! ).

With only two small weeks to go we had to learn the dance and think about where we should film everything! I taught them the dance, but still I had to learn it myself. It wasn´t easy tho. We practiced in a train station with a lot of people passing by. So the circumstances weren´t the best~
After two weeks of practice we had to be quick and decide which day we would film, where and what clothes we would wear.

We filmed everything in just 1 day and edited everyting in less then 2 days ( Special thanks to Guillaume ). It's was a super fun experience and hope to make more and better ones!

We are not the greatest dancers ever, but the main thing is we had so much fun and loved to do this :).

So here is our dance cover of 2NE1 - I AM THE BEST:

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Hope you liked it of course! Blackjacks FTW!

Camen as CL

Me (Kristel) as Minzy

Jeaninne as Dara

Pewitra as Bom

We made a lot of pictures too! They will be uploaded soon~ I will make a blog entry about it.

Thanks for reading~

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