vrijdag 1 april 2011

Hello everyone!

This is my very first blog :)

And i'm going to talk about, the one and only, Miyavi!
I went to his concert last tuesday. The 29th of march. It was in Amsterdam Melkweg.

Miyavi is a Japanese artist who is like a guitar god to me! I'm a fan since my last year of primary school. I knew him from a band called "Due Le Quartz".
Miyavi is such an inspiring person and makes such good music. He is so versatile~

But anywayzz, I started the day with eating sushi at a restaurant called "Moshi-Moshi" with a friend of mine. It was our breakfast haha~

Then we took of to Amsterdam by train.

Arriving there we first did not know how to get to the "Melkweg" where the concert was being held. After asking around we walked there!
It was such a loooong walk, but we made it and thank god the weather was really nice.

We got there almost 2 hours early.

I'm glad we did because The Miyavi crew was outside to take pictures of fans. All of us made signs to show our love and prayers for Japan. 
On this site you can find more:

After waiting for 2 hours the doors went open and people annoyingly started to push to get inside...><
It really irritated's me how Dutch people can be. Sooo unrespectable. But yeah.. I was so exited, finally seeing MYV agian :D

i was going to see Miyavi for the 3th time in the Netherlands! His 3th world tour! Miyavi - WHAT'S MY NAME ? WORLD TOUR 2011!!!

After entering the building we had to wait for like 1,5 hour, but every second was worth it.
So finally Miyavi came on stage starting to rock the whole place! Then what happend next I did not expect. MYV was not looking happy and i right away I knew why. A lot of n00bs were holding their camera's, taking pictures, filming Miyavi. 
At a Miyavi concert you should know that he is al about letting the people experience and feel the music, people should not focus on what great of a picture they can take -_-' ..

Again I think Dutch people have like almost no respect at all! Alsow when Miyavi was playing acoustic parts a lot of people could just not shut up and listen. I really am ashamed for that all! :P
That's for the negative things~

Miyavi rocked and owned the stage, leaving me and a lot of other fans with a big smile on their faces! Alsow to me he looked kind of angelic, so pretty~ The lights during the show were awesome too.

I bought myself a T-shirt.
Now I've got three concert T-shirts of Miyavi, so cool!

The Back.

After the concert whe began our journey back home, which took us so long again~ At 2 am we were home.

I had such a great day!

I'm going to start blogging more often I guess :)
So I will improve my skills on making it really nice here!
Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions just ask.


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